BPE Arrow Fletcher

Brand: BPE

BPE fletching jig and magnetic clamp can be easily adjusted to suit 3 or 4 fletches. Nock receiver adjusts to any position. A favourite of the Abbey Archery Shooting Team & can be used with Trueflight Feathers, AAE and Bohning vanes

BPE Arrow Fletcher

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BPE Arrow Fletcher Description

BPE Arrow Fletcher is constructed of sturdy aluminium and nylon with many features found in more expensive jigs, but at an affordable price.

It should be noted that nylon is used because it is unaffected by common fletching cements and this is the secret of the success of the BPE Jig.

The BPE Arrow Fletcher fletches arrows straight with the straight clamp.

The clamp is graduated for easy fletching placement in relation to the nock.

The BPE Arrow fletcher may be easily adjusted with the wrench provided to do three fletches 120 degrees, four fletches 75 degrees -105 degrees -75 degrees -105 degrees.

Large, easy to turn indexing knob with zero index position marked.

Nock receiver may be rotated to any position for precise placement of your nock in relation to the fletching. It will even allow placement of the cock feather down if desired or allow adjustment for best fletching clearance on a particular bow.

Self centering nock receiver fits all nocks.

Easy to use for the amateur or professional. Multiple jigs may be precision set for exact duplication with a BPE jig setting gauge. All items are packaged in a sturdy shipping box, weighing just 1 lb.

  • Magnetic clamp
  • Nylon is unaffected by fletching cements
  • Made from aluminium and nylon
  • Graduation marks on clamp for easy fletching placement
  • Easily adjusts for 3 or 4 fletches
  • Nock receiver is self centering
  • Fits all nock types
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Suits both feathers and vanes
  • Comes in a strong cardboard box to store your jig when not in use
  • Fletching Jig comes with a Straight clamp
  • Extra straight clamps are available and can be purchased separately

BPE Fletching Jig comes with a magnetic clamp and is the alternative at a price that is affordable.

Bob and Marian Finlay established BPE in 1969 in the basement of their home. Being archers, the first products developed were sights and other archery accessories. Bob designed and built the BPE Arrow Fletcher and its big brother, the BPE Pro Series Arrow Fletcher, arguably the best fletching jig renowned for its adjustability and precision, fletching high end, competition, hunting and every other arrows exactly the same way, time after time. BPE jigs are still made in the USA and each jig is carefully checked before it is allowed to leave. BPE custom moulds for other companies including many of its competitors in the archery trade. BPE is an acronym for Bob's Precision Equipment.

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