Book Bow & Arrow by Larry Wise

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Bow & Arrow by Larry Wise is the definitive book on archery. Larry covers most aspects of archery in an easy to read fashion

Book Bow & Arrow by Larry Wise

Book Bow & Arrow by Larry Wise Description

An illustrated, up-to-date reference for recreational archers, tournament archers and bowhunters.

Great for archers at all experience levels.

Practice tips from expert archers.

Detailed instructions for tuning bows.

Tournament regulations are included.

Wise covers every aspect of archery, from the stored energy of bows, the flight of an arrow, adjusting the arrow rest, installing equipment, shooting form and bow tuning. This is a comprehensive book giving you a thorough insight into archery and the equipment used.

Chapters include

  • Choosing a bow
  • Selecting and assembling arrows
  • Selecting and adjusting arrow rests
  • Installing and using accessories
  • Safety rules for archery
  • Shooting form basics
  • Bow tuning
  • Target archery
  • Field archery
  • Unmarked distance archery

Larry Wise, a world champion archer and equipment designer, helps today's archer sort through the many kinds of bows, arrows and accessories available.

Detailed line drawings show how to shoot accurately and consistently.

A recognised expert in bow tuning, Larry explains how to make arrows and tune bows.

He covers target archery, field archery and unknown distance archery as well as ordering tips.

This is what some people who bought the book said about Bow & Arrow.

Bow and Arrow is one of the best Archery tech manuals I have read. Begineers wanting to know more about the technical side of the recurve or compound should pick up this book. Lots of good info on arrow setup and tuning too. Nice!!!

The book Bow & Arrow is an excellent book for all levels of archers. It has a large variety of step-by-step photographs emphasising the key skills of the sport. It also covers the equipment, techniques and rules for all kinds of types of archery competition rounds. Practice drills are shown step-by-step to help one learn quickly. It has many sections on choosing a bow to fit you, selecting and assembling arrows, adjusting arrow rests, installing accessories and equipment, safety rules, form basics, bow tuning and target, field and unmarked distance archery. Many pictures and diagrams help explain the procedures. All material is explained and is very simple to understand for even the archery illiterate.

Larry Wise - the Archer's Archer. If you are a beginner or an expert, you need to read everything Larry Wise has written. I have taken lessons from him personally in back tension and read all his books. Larry is a retired maths teacher and knows how to structure archery in a logical method conducive to learning. He also can tune and fit your bow so that you can focus on technique and not worry if the equipment is at fault.

I am a certified instructor and Larry is someone I would go to, to improve my own shooting technique.

Just What I Needed. Taking up archery after a too long hiatus, I needed a source of information for all of the new technology that has come on the market in recent years. The knowledge that I gained from this book allowed me to select the compound bow that was right for me, along with the accessories that made shooting the bow a pleasure.

An excellent introductory book. Larry Wise gives pieces of priceless advice for beginners.

Bow & Arrow - The complete guide to equipment, technique and competition, by Larry Wise. If you want to shoot accurately and consistently, you must get this book. Paperback 22.9cm x 15.2cm or 9" x 6", easy to understand detailed illustrations and diagrams throughout by Jon Wert, cover illustration by Mark B. Olszewski, 288 pages.

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