Book Larry Wise on Coaching Archery

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Larry Wise On Coaching Archery is the definitive book on archery. Larry covers most aspects of archery in an easy to read style. Someone said about the book that it is one of the most useful books I have read and one that I will keep as a reference

Book Larry Wise on Coaching Archery

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Book Larry Wise on Coaching Archery Description

Larry Wise, one of the premier archery coaches in the United States, is sharing his coaching wisdom, especially for coaches of compound archers, using a release but also for bowhunters.

Topics include how to observe students (including with still and video images), how to create plans of correction and execute them, standard recurve and compound forms and why they are important, release aid training and target panic, tournament preparation, practice and evaluation, equipment selection, setup and tuning and much more.

Since 1996 Larry Wise has been training or coaching at all three Olympic Training Centres. In 1998 he travelled to Israel to coach at the Keshet Eilon Master Violin Course where each day the violinists could learn how to shoot archery to enhance their playing ability and don't forget that the ancestor of all stringed instruments is the archery bow!

Since then he has travelled numerous times to England, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and Colombia. He has also conducted over a hundred two-day shooting schools in the USA plus private coaching at his home in Pennsylvania, USA.

Larry is a certified NFAA Master Coach and a USA Archery Level 4 Coach with National Training System Recurve certification. He has also been involved in writing the new US National Training System for Compound.

Larry Wise's new book, On Coaching Archery, is a compilation of twenty-six of Larry's articles that were originally written for Arrow Trade Magazine. They have been revised, updated and shaped for you, the shooting consumer, to use to coach yourself or others. Larry includes several newly written chapters to clarify how you should proceed if you plan to coach others.

Larry's latest archery coaching book includes the following Table of Contents:

  • Observing your student archers
  • Information Gathering
  • Still Pictures
  • Video Images
  • Evaluating your student archers
  • Introduction to compound/release form and execution
  • Planning Corrections
  • The Stickman Chart
  • Practice with a Purpose
  • Why we miss deer
  • Aiming Better
  • Implementing Plans of Correction
  • The Compound Bow Stance
  • The Bow Hand
  • Full Draw Position
  • The Ten Minute Coach
  • How to Properly Shoot and Train with a Release Aid
  • How to Cope with Target Panic/Release Aid Management Skills
  • Matching the Bow to the Archer
  • Selecting a Correct Bow Length
  • Parts of the Mental Game
  • Thinking in the Present and Thinking About Goals
  • Shooting Better with Brain Power
  • Present Process Thinking
  • Thinking About Goals - Much Ado about Something
  • The Structures of Coaching and Competing
  • Training Cycles
  • Coaching Proper Archery Technique - Are You Certified
  • Tournament Preparation
  • Tournament Site Practice
  • Post Tournament Evaluation
  • Fostering Young Talent
  • On Equipment
  • Arrows in Action - Dynamic Arrow Spine
  • Putting Your Bow in Balance
  • Installing and Calibrating Target Sights
  • Powder and Paper Testing
  • Getting Looped

"Larry Wise, as a life-long educator, has an incredible ability to teach archers using a comprehensive understanding of back tension, advanced biomechanics and a championship archer's mental game. Larry has been a professional archer himself, along with working with intermediate and elite archers for decades as he continues to stay on the cutting edge with the latest equipment and shooting techniques. This new book is his best and most complete compilation of decades of expertise and experience that's easy to read, understand and implement." Rob Kaufhold, President of Lancaster Archery Supply, Inc

An illustrated, up-to-date reference for recreational archers, tournament archers and bowhunters. Great for archers at all experience levels.

Larry Wise On Coaching Archery. If you want to shoot accurately and consistently, you must get this book. Paperback 22.9cm x 15.2cm or 9" x 6", easy to understand detailed illustrations and diagrams throughout, 236 pages.

This copy of the book has been autographed and dated on the inside front cover by Larry Wise, making it an invaluable keepsake.

This is what some people who bought the book said about Larry Wise On Coaching Archery.

5 out of 5 stars. Very comprehensive and well illustrated coaching manual for archery instructors. His best book ever, on coaching. Like the section on taking photographs of archery student, from different angles, to help evaluate a students shooting form. From Randall J Coon

5 out of 5 stars. The best book on coaching archery I have read. Larry Wise has an understanding of the technical aspects of archery that escapes most other coaches - no doubt this comes from his career as a high school physics teacher. Furthermore he is able to convey this information so that it is easily understood and can be used to improve your own game or in your role as a coach. As a coach, this is one of the most useful books I have read and one that I will keep as a reference. From Donna Sneed

5 out of 5 stars. This book from Larry has a lot of information that is described in his DVD on back tension. I think that the two must be read in conjunction with each other. This is the bible of archery. I have studied many documents on this subject, specifically for compound archery, this book and DVD is all you need as an archer or as an instructor. This book from Larry is a must for the serious archer. From Francois Kleingeld

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