BCY Halo Serving .019in, .021in & .024in

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BCY is dedicated to serving the needs of archers to develop, test & provide the latest & best in bowstring material, constantly experimenting with ways to adapt the latest fibres. BCY is the choice of hunters & archers everywhere & is used by major bow manufacturers.

BCY Halo Serving .019in, .021in & .024in

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BCY Halo Serving .019in, .021in & .024in Description

BCY Halo braided Spectra serving material suitable for end or centre serving.

Halo serving is 100% tightly braided Spectra fibre, is high tenacity with the highest durability - finger shooters love it!

Suitable for end or centre serving where increased durability is required.

Use on centre serving when a small number of strands are used in the string. The preferred choice for finger shooters and recurve archers.

Used worldwide by archers and string makers alike as a premier serving thread.

Features - Tight round braided serving. Extremely tough and can be a little more difficult to hold in place, but when served tightly, grips quite well. Highest durability, high abrasion resistance, high tenacity. Does not separate, fuzz or wear. Main factors to consider are nock fit, arrow speed and string durability. Please note .014" white turns clear when served tightly.

Recommended as an end serving for BCY-X, 452X, 8125G, DynaFLIGHT 97 and 450 Plus

Recommended as a centre serving for BCY-X, 452X, 8125G, DynaFLIGHT 97 and 450 Plus

Recommended to use any good synthetic wax with a silicone blend to penetrate through the serving into the fibres below which are tightly compressed to assist in improving durability.

Halo serving comes in seven diameters with approximate break strengths; we stock all except .030".

  • .007", 35lbs break strength, 30,000 feet per 1lb spool, 150 yard jig spool
  • .014", 45lbs break strength, 11,500 feet per 1lb spool, 120 yard jig spool
  • .017", 75lbs break strength, 7,000 feet per 1lb spool, 100 yard jig spool
  • .019", 100lbs break strength, 5,750 feet per 1lb spool, 75 yard jig spool
  • .021", 115lbs break strength, 4,900 feet per 1lb spool, 75 yard jig spool
  • .024", 160lbs break strength, 3,750 feet per 1lb spool, 45 yard jig spool
  • .030", 215lbs break strength, 2,850 feet per 1lb spool, 40 yard jig spool
  • .007", .014" and .017" diameters are sold separately

Available in three sizes of .019", .021" and .024". Please specify size required.

Comes in 2 colours of Black and White. Please specify colour choice.

For every type of serving - rely on BCY.

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