Lith-Ease White Lithium Grease 1.25 oz tube

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Lith-Ease White Lithium Grease solves all your lubricating problems. High purity and high quality make Lithium Grease the perfect choice model airplanes, crafts and bow parts

Lith-Ease White Lithium Grease 1.25 oz tube

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Lith-Ease White Lithium Grease 1.25 oz tube Description

There is a variety of lubricants available for automotive, home, marine and shop usage, but none quite as good or as versatile as Lith-Ease white lithium grease.

When your gear creaks, squeaks, sticks, jams or rubs, chances are Lith-Ease can solve the problem.

It's easy to use, safe on any kind of metal and is long lasting. It doesn't splatter, melt, run, wash off or freeze.

Lithium soap is often simply referred to as "lithium grease" and is a lubricant grease containing a lithium derivative of soap. Lithium soaps are not produced by saponification of triglycerides. Instead, fatty acids are treated with lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate to form salts.

Lith Ease white lithium grease reduces friction while containing rust and has oxidation inhibitors for metal protection and is a high quality, multi-purpose grease, manufactured from the highest quality lithium soap and produced with "lithium 12-hydroxystearate" hydrogenated castor oil, which contributes to the smooth consistency, mechanical shear stability and wide-range temperature performance.

It is a long-lasting lubricant with excellent water and heat resistance, provides full protection from rust and gives corrosion protection and film strength used in cars, the home, workshop and boats as it is characterised by oxidation, very high load-carrying ability and mechanical shear stability. It does not have heavy metals or other additives which are harmful to the environment, just superior lubrication with durability in any weather or temperature, a general purpose lubricant and corrosion inhibitor for tools, machinery and equipment.

Provides superior performance in all weather and over a wide temperature range - melting point is 182 degrees Celsius or 360 degrees Fahrenheit, pouring point is minus 12 degrees Celsius or 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has excellent shelf life with minimal oil separation. Lith-Ease has been developed to perform many lubricating tasks and is ideal for lubricating hard-to-get-at places.

Lith-Ease comes in a convenient 35.5gm or 1.25 oz tube and is a high purity, high quality number 2 grade white lithium based grease with an advanced additive package.

  • Penetrates between parts to provide deep long lasting lubrication
  • Smooth, buttery consistency provides optimum surface coverage
  • White colour helps ensure complete film coverage
  • Will not melt, wash off, splatter, run or freeze
  • Sets dry for a thick coating to protect with a tough, high viscosity film
  • Friction is reduced when used on metal touching other metal
  • Specially developed for the lubrication of plastics, synthetics, rubber and vinyl
  • Heavy duty general purpose lubricant
  • Displaces moisture and protects against rust and corrosion
  • Works at both high and low temperature extremes
  • Safe for painted surfaces and will not stain
  • Maintains consistency even during prolonged use, has good adhesion to metal parts, good resistance to water drag, high antioxidant and anti-corrosion additives
  • High purity, high quality white lithium based grease
  • Provides long lasting lubrication, corrosion protection & film strength
  • Prevents rust on sliding doors, hinges, windows, chains and garage door tracks
  • The perfect solution if it creaks, sticks, jams or rubs

It provides long lasting lubrication with excellent water and heat resistance, corrosion protection and film strength - the all-weather grease.

Lith-Ease White Lithium Grease has a variety of uses

  • On the car - hinges, locks, latches, seat runners, striker plates, cables, distributor cams, battery terminals, radio antennae, windshield wiper mechanisms, bolts, bearings and much more.
  • In the home - sliding doors, windows, hinges, appliances, lawn mowers, lawn edgers, mulchers and all garden equipment, garage door tracks, chainsaws, screws and tools.
  • On the boat - trailer rollers, winches, turnbuckles, shackles, bearings, slides, motor pivot points and all external moving parts.
  • In the shop - machinery, fans, blowers, roller channels, overhead door tracks, open gears, chains, conveyor belts, cables, slide conveyors, guide rails, cams, pistons, machinery, tools, equipment, bearings, gears, pneumatic tools, blades and bits.
  • In the commercial area - like meat and poultry processing plants when food particles can accidentally drop onto equipment.

To reduce friction and protect your bow and equipment against rust, use the heavy duty lubricant, Lith-Ease White Lithium Grease.

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