AMS Bowfishing Warhead Point

Brand: AMS Bowfishing

If you love fishing, you will definitely become hooked on bowfishing with an AMS Warhead Point - the perfect prescription for getting outdoors

AMS Bowfishing Warhead Point

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AMS Bowfishing Warhead Point Description

The Warhead Point is rugged and simple to use.

The design allows you to twist the shaft to release the barbs. The stout AMS Bowfishing Warhead Point is both durable and functional. Its unusual square tip won't dull as easily as other points and it fits 5/16" shafts. Made in America.

A lower release allows you to pull the arrow free with the turn of the shaft. Simply turn your arrow shaft backwards 3 turns and the point will pull free.

The Grapple Point is fully outfitted for barramundi, tuna, stingray, crocodile and other game fish and will help you land whatever freshwater or saltwater trophy you're after. Whether you're wading the shoreline for flathead or whiting or exploring wide open water in search of stingray, barramundi or mahi-mahi, the AMS Bowfishing Grapple Point has what it takes to land your favourite game fish.

Some of the largest and most exciting fish have been taken with AMS Bowfishing equipment. Welcome to the exciting AMS Bowfishing family. Fishing enthusiasts around the world trust AMS Bowfishing for their superior quality, durability, performance and attention to detail and their passion for the hobby. AMS Bowfishing pride themselves on their thorough knowledge of bowfishing.

It is strongly recommended that you use the AMS Safety Slide system on your arrows to keep all line in front of your rest when you draw, preventing the possibility of arrow snap-back resulting in the fishing line tying itself to the bowstring. The safety slide keeps the line out in front of the bow on the shot and when released, the arrow will move through the slide to the "shock" pad, taking your line to your fish.

For bowfishing, you require these items

  • A bowfishing reel
  • A solid fibreglass fish arrow with a nock and steel fish point installed and a drilled hole through the shaft to attach and secure fishing line so you can reel the fish in after spearing it with the arrow
  • 5 piece Safety Slide kit
  • Nylon fishing line
  • Bowfishing roller rest to launch your fibreglass fish arrow
  • Alternatively, there is a bowfishing kit which includes some of the above items

If you want a great point, check out the AMS Bowfishing Grapple Point today.

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