Easton X10 Arrow dozen

Brand: Easton

X10 shafts, high strength polished black carbon fibre & 7075 alloy. X10 stands alone at the top level of performance. CONFIDENCE in your equipment is vital to survival in sudden death, head to head elimination matches.

Easton X10 Arrow dozen

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Easton X10 Arrow dozen Description

Undefeated - Beijing, Athens, Sydney, Atlanta - every Olympic champion has won using X10 since it was introduced.

Arrow shafts cut to length, free

Invincible. World-class archers look to the X10 for higher scores and winning performance. The X10 barrelled profile provides maximum stability in unpredictable windy conditions.

Designed for optimum performance with recurve bows.

Top Archers choose Easton. Champions capture more titles with Easton - they expect the best from themselves and from their equipment. 123 out of 124 athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opted for the X10 barrelled design for that extra edge needed to win and of the 128 competitors at the 2004 Athens Olympics, 127 chose Easton arrows with 107 of them shooting X10’s.

Every Olympic champion has won using X10 since it was introduced.

It’s no coincidence that X10’s hold virtually every world record. X10 is the ultimate arrow for outdoor and Olympic style competition.

  • Its muscular, barrelled profile at full draw practically screams a "perfect 10". Designed for optimum performance with recurve bows.
  • X10 employs a progressive combination of small diameter, weight and barrelled construction that provides accuracy - simply unmatched in the world’s highest level of competitive archery.
  • Easton’s exclusive process fuses the carbon fibre to the alloy core.
  • The precision drawn lightweight 0.006" wall, high tensile alloy core provides circumferential strength for split and crush resistance.
  • Points and nock components install inside a strong, common size aluminium tube flush with the OD of the shaft.
  • Layers of unidirectional carbon fibres and epoxy resin matrix offer unmatched strength.
  • A smooth 9 micron finish makes X10 easier to pull over the rest, under the clicker and from the target mats.
  • Precision engineered with consistent spine, extreme durability and pinpoint accuracy - Easton arrows are built to win.
  • The small diameter reduces wind drift and aerodynamic drag.
  • Easton’s exclusive barrelled taper design produces a stiffer shaft with lighter ends that create a higher natural frequency of vibration.
  • Each dozen is perfectly matched, weight sorted to within +/- 0.5 grains and straightened to within +/- .0015" for the most consistent performance possible.
  • Available in 1000, 900, 830, 750, 700, 650, 600, 550, 500, 450, 410, 380 shaft sizes. Please specify size required

X10’s record breaking performance is no surprise. The gruelling mental and physical pressures are enough to break the most seasoned veteran. CONFIDENCE in your equipment is vital to survival in sudden death, head-to-head elimination matches. For world competitions or local tournaments, serious archers choose Easton.

Easton’s X10 stands alone at the top level of performance. No more excuses. If you want to be a champion, you have to follow the champions and use X10 shafts. That’s why the best archers like Viktor Ruban (Gold), Park Kyung-Mo (Silver) and Bair Badenov (Bronze) at the Beijing Olympic Games choose X10 shafts.

Read X10 Arrows sweep Beijing Medals.

  • Straightness +/- .0015" Guaranteed maximum
  • High-strength carbon fibre bonded to a 7075 alloy core tube
  • Weight tolerance +/- 0.5 grains
  • Polished black carbon finish
  • X10 Stainless Steel Break-off Points, X10 Pins and Pin Nocks included. Pin Nocks provide precise nock alignment and help prevent shaft damage from rear impact
  • Aerojet X10 Ballistic Tungsten Points - sold separately. Tungsten Points, the ultimate hardware for the world's most advanced arrow.

Please note that arrows usually take 2-3 days to fletch.

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