US Bowhunting digital pocket grain scale

Brand: Superior

US Bowhunting electronic pocket grain scales weigh up to 100 grams. They are economical and accurate and conveniently fit into your pocket

US Bowhunting digital pocket grain scale

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US Bowhunting digital pocket grain scale Description

Do you often think it would be good to be able to weigh your arrows, shafts, points, inserts and nocks to check their exact weight and achieve tighter groups? Well, now you can with a US Bowhunting digital pocket grain scales.

These electronic scales are a precision instrument, easy to use, compact design, lightweight and slip conveniently into your pocket, accessories pouch or quiver when out and about.

They are accurate and offer a great weight range capacity from 100 grams or 1,543 grains to as little as 0.1 of a gram and weigh in 2 grain increments and in 4 modes - grams, grains, ounces and dwt (dwt stands for pennyweight, the weight of a penny in medieval England and is a measure used to weigh gold, silver and jewels; a dwt equals 0.05 troy ounce, 1.555 grams or 24 grains).

Scales show tare (an adjustment made for the weight of the packaging in order to determine the net weight of the goods). It has a back lit LCD display and small enough to travel in a backpack or pocket, with a cover to protect it when not in use.

There is an automatic power shut off to conserve battery life. Comes with two AAA batteries which are included and instructions. With normal care and proper treatment, these scales will provide years of reliable service.

US Bowhunting digital pocket grain scales

  • Match your points, inserts, nocks to achieve tighter groups
  • Accurate to 0.1 gram (1 gram equals 15.43 grains)
  • Weigh up to 100 grams
  • Weighs in 1 gram increments
  • Weighs in 7 modes - grams, teralitres, ounces, grains, carats, Troy ounces & Pennyweight
  • Stainless steel platform
  • Cover protects scales when not in use
  • Energy-saving auto shut off
  • Back-lit, easy to read LCD display
  • Reliable and functional
  • Easy to use, compact & durable design
  • Fits in quiver, backpack or pocket
  • Two AAA batteries included
  • Comes with instructions
  • Also weighs jewellery, precious metals, gems, gun powder, laboratory or medical items
  • 10 year warranty

This is what people have said about the US Bowhunting digital pocket grain scale.

"The scale is compact, easy to read and use. A good product." From Bowhunterd II of Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA

"I have found that some 100 or 125 grain practice tips when you screw the broadhead on, the arrows often times fly low and weigh a bit more than you think. This little scale worked like a charm. I put my arrows together, can weigh them and be confident that they will go where I aim them. The scale is simple to use and read. A great product. I write each arrow's weight on the fletching." From History Student of San Francisco, California, USA

"Essential for the serious archer!! This is a great scale that is very accurate, +/- 1 grain as far as I can tell. It makes the utmost in accuracy possible. This is the only scale I have ever used but I definitely like it!" From Tommb of Western, New York, USA

"A very handy instrument if you are wanting weight accuracy down to a single grain. The black lid is a tray for rolling parts which mates nicely with the scale's tray. I used a rat tail file and put indentations in the lid to keep my fully assembled arrows from rolling off. The scale is easy to calibrate because it comes with a precision weight of 100 grams. The back lit display works good too. This is a great little scale for the money." From Indy Archer of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

"Good quality. Easy to use. Does the job. Keep your arrow weights within a few grains of each other." From Chieftain of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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