Easton X27 shaft dozen

Brand: Easton

Easton X27, a competition shaft for the ultimate and best performance in indoor target archery, incredible strength, a very big arrow with an outside diameter of 27-64 or 0.422 inches, sleek, classic, diamond polished anodised silver finish, the bigger the arrow, the more lines you're going to cut

Easton X27 shaft dozen

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Easton X27 shaft dozen Description

Easton X27 Shafts are the competition shaft for incredible strength and an unmatched performance record at the world's most prestigious indoor archery events such as The Vegas Shoot where regulations allow a maximum diameter 27 class shaft and we cut your shaft to length for free.

Arrow shafts cut to length, free

The bigger the arrow, the more lines you're going to cut.

It's that simple. And the Easton X27 is a very big arrow.

This is an aluminium arrow that's got an outside diameter of 27-64 or 0.422 inches.

It's not allowed in all tournaments, so check the rules of your tournament for arrow size requirements and limitations.

The sleek, classic, diamond polished anodised silver finish is distinctive on the line and in your quiver.

This is a heavy shaft at 11.3 grains per inch and so it's going to work best indoors, at distances of about 18.3 metres or 20 yards.

Easton X27 Shafts come with Uni-Bushings. Nocks and Points are sold separately.

  • The competition shaft for the ultimate and best performance in indoor target archery events
  • Incredible strength and unmatched performance
  • Straightness: +/- .001" guaranteed
  • 7178-T9 aerospace alloy
  • Weight tolerance: +/- .75%
  • Diamond polished anodised silver finish
  • Strength (psi) 105,000
  • Factory installed Super Uni bushing (19 grains)
  • Takes a Super Nock, 3D Super Nock or MicroLite Super Nock, 150 & 300 grain one piece points are sold separately
  • Available in 2712 shaft size (11.3 gpi), stock length 34.5 inches
  • Shafts can be cut to your precise shaft length at no additional charge. Please specify the length of your shaft. If you leave this field blank, your shafts will be shipped uncut at full length. If you are unsure, please include your request in Step 2 of the Checkout process when ordering and we will contact you to assist you in selecting the correct length required

This is what people have said about Easton X27 Shafts.

5 out of 5 stars. "X27? YES! YES! YES! Earlier I've used Gold Tip 30X Pros for indoor NFAA Spots. After 2 years just couldn't reach that magic 300. Using the same bow and setup, I've had 299's & 300's. My best just last week was 300 54X. I can for sure notice the X27's are more SPOT ON!" From Rob W. from Elgin, Illinois, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "X27 Easton Arrows. Great Arrow, Easy to Tune and Fun to Shoot. I have put up bigger scores since making the switch to X27 Shafts." From Anonymous from Florrissant, Missouri, USA

At the 2014 NFAA Vegas Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada, shooters swept the podium at the world's premier indoor event using the Easton X27 shaft. X27 is made of the highest grade aerospace aluminium alloy and is quite possibly the most accurate arrow ever produced.

"The qualities of aluminium alloy make it hands down the most consistent, repeatable material to use in arrow manufacturing. The consistencies in spine, straightness and weight make it the premier choice for absolute precision for an archer shooting at these highest levels of competition," said George Tekmitchov, Senior Engineer and International Technical Advisor for Easton.

With more than 2,000 archers from 50 countries this was a record shattering Vegas turnout. With surgical precision, Mike Schloesser from the Netherlands became the first European shooter ever to take the $25,000 Vegas first place purse in a three way shoot-off against fellow Easton X27 shooters Rob Morgan from the USA and Sebastian Peineau from France. Schloesser shot three perfect 10's to clinch the Vegas title in the pressure-packed shoot-down finals.

"We designed the X27 and X23 to highlight the superior characteristics of the legendary aluminium target shafts to flat out win," said Logan Wilde, Easton Pro Coordinator and one of the 13 perfect-score shooters in the finals. Competitors using X2 arrows took 10 of the 14 final shoot off qualifying positions and nearly all of the $250,000 in Vegas Shoot prize money.

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