Win & Win Wiawis TFT G Riser

Brand: Win and Win

Win and Win, innovators of carbon risers presents the Wiawis TFT-G, the choice of champions. Accuracy, stability, no stress during release and a super smooth draw produce a consistent but powerfully strong shot, time after time with tighter groups and the string never hits your arm

Win & Win Wiawis TFT G Riser

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Win & Win Wiawis TFT G Riser Description

Win & Win Wiawis TFT-G Riser features a breakthrough in cutting edge carbon moulding technology using graphene carbon materials to absorb shock and minimise unnecessary movement to make shooting more accurate and stable. Faster, better, stronger.

The G in TFT-G refers to graphene technology. In the sight window area of the riser, special steel machined in the form of an H beam has been used to improve strength and rigidity in the most vulnerable part of the riser.

The H beam minimises the torque caused by the difference between the upper and lower balance and configuration of the riser, which will enhance arrow grouping.

The WiaWis series is a development of the Inno series with the addition of nano carbon to the carbon fibres used in the construction to further reduce vibration. Nano carbon technology has already been proven in the excellent performance of nano carbon in Win and Win limbs.

Nano carbon is superior in stiffness and when combined with carbon fibres, its adhesive strength increases durability.

Nano carbon is superior in mechanical stiffness and when combined with carbon fibre, increases the intrinsic strength and durability by approximately 30% to 40% over carbon fibre alone and maximising the combined carbon properties also reduces almost twice as much vibration.

The new design of the WiaWis TFT-G riser also features a weight balance system in which additional weight is built into the leading edge of the riser to move the centre of gravity forward, to the front of the riser to minimise torque after the shot to produce more stable shooting.

In addition, the special graphene damper on the centre of the riser is designed to minimise shock vibration and error during the shot which make the archer's sense of shooting maximised.

As well, the carbon prepreg frames are moulded on both sides of the riser to increase bow stability and accuracy and to prevent the riser from bending or twisting. This helps to disperse bow shock after the shot and also makes it harder to torque the riser.

There is a reduction in shock and vibration by between 150% and 200% which delivers greater consistency and accuracy in shooting.

This results in more stable and accurate shooting and eliminates unnecessary movement in the riser which translates to much tighter arrow groups.

Win & Win Wiawis TFT-G Riser accepts

  • All Win & Win recurve limbs
  • All WNS recurve limbs
  • All Hoyt Grand Prix recurve limbs but not Hoyt Formula recurve limbs
  • Any other limbs with universal or international limb fitment (ILF)

The Wiawis TFT-G Riser also features threaded bushings under the grip for additional weights.

  • Comes in a 25 inch length, weighing 1320 grams or 2.91lbs
  • Increased rigidity through the sight window increases total riser performance
  • H-Beam shaped frame inside the carbon body helps to eliminate unwanted torque
  • Torque free system reduces shock and vibration for a better overall feeling during the shot
  • Riser is well balanced for a steady aim and comfortable feel
  • Ergonomic grip makes for better more controllable shot
  • Carbon Graphite / Nano Carbon composition
  • High stiffness
  • Better shock & vibration absorption
  • Improved durability
  • Carbon prepreg frames are moulded on both sides of riser increases bow stability & accuracy
  • Available in right hand and left hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Available in Carbon Black, Burgundy Red, Indigo Blue and Graphite Silver. Please specify colour choice
  • Comes with a high quality grip
  • Comes in a strong cardboard box and is protected in stylish riser sleeve with plush lined insides and velcro flap to secure riser

This is what people have said about the Win & Win Wiawis TFT-G Riser.

5 out of 5 stars. "smooth riser, great feel. bought this riser like a month ago along with other win and win components in a matte black, and its just great in every aspect. It has a nice feel to it, and i noticed a huge difference in vibration with my old hoyt riser. However, I do recommend getting a wrap for the riser handle, for it does slip a little without it." From Aaron Kim from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "feels natural. coming from SF Forged Plus, this riser actually feels very natural, i immediately accustomed to it. i also recommend the NS Limbs combinations, looks great and works flawlessly together." From danteppc from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Outstanding feeling. Shot experience is extraordinary. shooting with wiawis one limbs and the combination is just awesome...but the riser itself is a piece of art!" From Ekalavya from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Shoots like silk. While the price point is at the high end for Olympic risers, the quality more than makes up for it. Fit and finish are exceptional, and coming from an SF riser before this, the shot quality is just as good. Quiet, smooth, and predictable. I've never shot a bow which caused other people on the range to comment on how smooth it shoots. Couldn't ask for anything better (until I upgrade my limbs!)" From Kyle Pitzen from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Best riser for the money you can buy. Saw this riser at Vegas shoot 2017, should've bought it then.....great balance, light weight, can't go wrong with this riser." From Kai from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Great Riser. The riser is fantastic. I upgraded from a Winact-vt to this-there is no comparison. The riser feels sturdier. A dramatic improvement on vibration. Love it. Will buy a backup when the funds allow it." From Sarah from USA

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