Win & Win Wiawis ATF X Riser

Brand: Win and Win

Win & Win ATF-X 25" is the perfect riser that exudes quality, for those archers wanting to reach the podium yet enjoy their sport

Win & Win Wiawis ATF X Riser

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Win & Win Wiawis ATF X Riser Description

The stylish Wiawis ATF-X is perfectly balanced for ultimate accuracy and consistency.

The Win & Win Wiawis ATF-X Riser is crafted from anodised aluminium. The ATF X is a reinforced model of the ATF riser which was used by top world class athletes in 2018 and 2019.

Through the balance of the riser design, ATF-X makes the shooting feel more powerful.

Anti torsional 45-degree cross design, which was the strong point of the ATF model, minimises bow torque left and right, reducing the unnecessary movement during shooting.

It also offers the option of added weights or dampers at the top, middle or bottom of the riser.

The ATF-X riser features a 45 degree frame structure which prevents twisting and very stable to shoot.

To enhance the features of the ATF-X aluminium riser while maintaining the same net weight as the ATF riser, it efficiently improved stiffness and anti-twisting so that it delivers more stable shooting with less vibration and reduced bow torque.

When shooting side by side with the ATF and with the ATF-X risers with the same 44lb limbs, the ATF-X riser has less vibration than the ATF riser.

Offering a top level style at a great price, the ATF-X will appeal to archers who like the solid feel of an all aluminium riser.

Advanced material technology makes the side of the sight window over 10% stronger than any other riser.

There is no lateral twisting in this 25" riser, making it feel completely comfortable to shoot.

The Wiawis ATF-X Riser is customisable with adjustable weight control systems and the powerful Wiawis limbs which fit any Wiawis or Inno riser.

Win & Win products are proven at World Championships and Olympic Games and are continually setting new world records.

Combining the award winning design of the Wiawis with the trusted nature of aluminium material, the Wiawis ATF-X is a premier riser for serious target archers.

It weighs just 1300 grams or 2.87lbs but feels heavier in the hand but the Wiawis ATF-X is still very stable and accurate to shoot, because the weight is so well balanced throughout the whole handle.

It is perfect for archers who prefer the confident feel of metal when they pick up their bow.

Weighing 1300 grams, the aluminium Wiawis ATF-X feels solid in the hand and inspires confidence.

Win & Win Wiawis ATF-X Riser accepts

  • All Win & Win recurve limbs
  • All WNS recurve limbs
  • All Hoyt Grand Prix recurve limbs but not Hoyt Formula recurve limbs
  • Any other limbs with universal or international limb fitment (ILF)

The Wiawis ATF-X Riser also features threaded bushings under the grip for additional weights.

  • Reinforced model of the ATF riser
  • The ATF-X makes the shooting feel more powerful
  • Minimises bow torque left & right
  • The option of added weight or dampers at the top, middle or bottom of the riser
  • Riser comes in a strong cardboard box and is protected in its riser bag with plush lined insides and velcro flap to secure riser
  • Available in 25" riser length
  • Forged aluminium body with CNC machining
  • 1300 grams or 2.87lbs
  • Comes in Right Hand and Left Hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Available in colours of Graphite Black, Champion Gold, Platinum Silver, Brilliant Silver, Heat Blue, Turkey Green, Sonic Red, Neo Pink, Dynamic Yellow, Burgundy Red, Indigo Blue and White. Please specify colour choice

Wiawis ATF-X is a serious riser, primed and ready for the world stage.

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