WNS SAT Stabiliser 12in


A high quality carbon stabiliser, precision machined, lightweight, fully adjustable, improves dampening, absorbs shock, helps control torque, includes two end weights, perfect for when you are starting out in archery

WNS SAT Stabiliser 12in

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WNS SAT Stabiliser 12in Description

WNS SAT Stabiliser 12in previously called SF Axiom Plus Stabiliser. Win & Win Archery has discontinued and rebranded the SF (Sebastien Flute) brand as WNS which is pronounced Winners. WNS SAT Stabiliser is made from high quality carbon and is precision machined. The WNS SAT stabiliser is the perfect solution when you start archery.

It is lightweight, fully adjustable, improves dampening, absorbs shock and helps control torque during shooting. It includes a vibration control shock absorbing rigid stainless steel end weight and a rubber chubby section which looks a lot like an A Bomb, both of which can be removed and additional weights can be added if required.

Main body has two male threads, with end weights attaching to one end. Middle chubby rubber weight is 38.1mm or 1.5" long with female thread at one end and male thread at the other and cap weight is 19.05mm or .75" long with female thread and not drilled at the other end. Standard thread.

Ideal for youth and for beginners or those on a really tight budget and fits all bows, both compound and recurve.

Available in black only with silver attaching end which features a machined hole to insert a Tommy bar for easy tightening or adjustment.

WNS high quality archery products are manufactured by Win & Win Archery, one of the world's leading archery manufacturers.

WNS SAT decal affixed to the stabiliser.

Extreme durability and stability.

This quality stabiliser is excellent value at a great price that won't break the bank.

Available in 304mm or 12" only. Also available in 254mm or 10" which is not a stocked item but can be special ordered. Please enquire.

This is what people have said about the WNS SAT Stabiliser.

5 out of 5 stars. "Bang for the buck. What a nice stab for the price. It seems that WNS consistently offers products at a great price that not only work well, but are built well too. My daughter got this in 26" for her first stab and it is a real dream. She is already shooting tighter groups. The ability to add weights at a later date is a nice feature as well." From erud from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Excellent Stabilizer. Great Price! Great stabilizer for a beginner, intermediate archer or someone on budget." From Greg McLaughlin from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Excellent value. This is my first stabilizer and I wasn't disappointed. It helped greatly in improving my bow balance and also appears to have reduced bow vibration. The quality and appearance are also first rate. This is a great product and at an excellent price." From xfire from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Great Product, Great Price! This was my first long rod. It comes with the shock absorber and end weight and gets the job done. If I feel the need much further down the line I can always upgrade but for now, this is perfect and I can't see what else you would want from this piece of equipment?" From Simon from UK

5 out of 5 stars. "Very Good Stabiliser. This stabiliser is very good quality as a first stabiliser. It comes with a dampener and a cap weight. this stabiliser is very good quality for the price and i would highly recommend it to someone looking for one." From Jordan from UK

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