WNS Axiom Alpha Riser


WNS Axiom Alpha is the perfect entry for beginners and those archers on a budget - quality and great price

WNS Axiom Alpha Riser

WNS Axiom Alpha Riser Description

Win & Win Archery has rebranded the SF or Sebastien Flute brand as WNS, pronounced Winners. WNS has completely redesigned their ever popular Axiom Riser and created the Axiom Alpha (or Axiom-a) Riser.

A worthy successor to the Axiom riser, WNS Axiom Alpha riser includes all the ingredients that built the success of the first generation while combining a new design only seen on high-end risers.

A WNS Axiom Alpha riser is just right for those budding archers or beginners who want the ability to upgrade their limbs as their skills develop, because the WNS Axiom Alpha has universal fitment which means this riser will accept any universal limb of any bow brand.

It's easy with the WNS Axiom Alpha, with its lightweight 25 inch riser - a mass weight of only 2.69 lbs or 1220 grams, it allows youths and adults to shoot an international fitment bow up to 70 inch length at a very affordable price.

WNS Axiom Alpha riser is the perfect entry into recurve archery.

With innovative improvements such as an integrated clicker extender allowing the use of a screw-on arrow rest it's easy to see that the WNS Axiom Alpha riser is the new reference for next-level archers. Interchangeable limbs, comfortable plastic grip and a die cast riser, make the WNS Axiom Alpha so great.

WNS Axiom Alpha 25" riser accepts

  • All WNS recurve limbs
  • All Win & Win recurve limbs
  • All Hoyt Grand Prix recurve limbs but not Hoyt Formula recurve limbs
  • Any other limbs with universal or international limb fitment (ILF)

WNS Axiom Alpha riser comes with

  • Instruction sheet
  • Crafted by Win & Win Archery, one of the leading recurve bow manufacturers in the world.
  • Comes in colours of Sky Blue, Black, Dark Red, Blue, Silver and White. Please specify colour
  • Available in right hand and left hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Mass weight of only 2.69 lbs or 1220 grams

Check out the WNS Axiom Alpha 25" riser soon - a winning solution.

Model Status: Superseded

The WNS Axiom Alpha Riser has been replaced by the
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