Win & Win Wiawis A1 Quiver

Brand: Win and Win

Win & Win Wiawis A1 Quiver, quality style & functionality with three arrow tubes with magnets embedded in the base, easy-access pockets to stow gear, release, bow square, pens & bonus quiver belt

Win & Win Wiawis A1 Quiver

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Win & Win Wiawis A1 Quiver Description

Many archers compromise on their quiver by purchasing an inexpensive quiver and then regret not owning a quiver that has all the features that they later learn are really necessary. It is better if you can afford it, to initially outlay the money on the better quiver and enjoy your archery.

How many times when you are out on the line or in the field and you bend down to pick up something and your arrows take a nasty angle and "splat" - your arrows are spreadeagled embarrassingly all over the ground. If you own high end arrows you have carefully fletched and tuned, it is not a good look and there is a good chance you may have damaged your arrows or points, especially if they have fallen on a hard surface.

Win & Win has come up with a solution that is so simple that you wonder why someone has not thought of it before. It is most ingenious, yet functional with strong magnets embedded in the base of each of the three quiver tubes to stop your arrows rattling around or falling out, even if you turn the quiver upside down! The total weight of the quiver has been significantly reduced from the previous model quiver.

Quiver measures 48.3cm long x 15cm wide or 19" x 6". There is a pouch, with dual full zipper closure, on the front to give you loads of storage space.

Binocular pouch is 12.7cm long x 12.7cm wide or 5" x 5", and has a small zippered outer pocket on the front of the quiver to stow your hex wrench, spare parts, nokset or string.

There are two strong metal hanging rings under the bino pouch.

Easy entry and removal of arrows. Sturdy and durable, the magnetic quiver is constructed of quiet, attractive polyester heavy duty material which will last a life time, in four attractive colours.

Quick disconnect fully adjustable waist belt.

WIAWIS logo on front of the quiver.

All zippers run smoothly and are waterproof, will not let moisture or rain into pouches.

The workmanship of the W & W A-1 Quiver is superb. For the archer who demands the best, the Win & Win magnetic 3 tube side quiver has magnets at the bottom of each tube to stop arrows falling out on field courses and even on rough terrain.

Win & Win A-1 Quiver features

  • Three 48.3cm or 19" long tubes with magnets in bases
  • Pouch, with dual full zipper closure, has loads of storage space
  • Binocular pouch is 12.7cm long x 12.7cm wide or 5" x 5"
  • Quick disconnect, adjustable waist cushioned belt ranges from 58.4cm to 124.5cm or 23 to 49 inches & provides a very comfortable fit
  • Multiple pockets allow you to carry all kinds of accessories
  • Strong metal hanging rings
  • Wide tube mouths for easy entry / removal of arrows
  • Sturdy and durable, made of quiet, attractive polyester heavy duty weather-proof material
  • Smooth running waterproof zippers will not let in moisture or rain
  • Magnets hold arrows securely in place & stop arrows from falling out of quiver
  • Bow square pouch and pen holder
  • Forward facing quiver
  • WIAWIS logos on front of quiver
  • Superb workmanship and finish from W & W
  • Please note magnets in quiver will not hold or grip Easton X10 Ballistic Tungsten Points as tungsten has no ferromagnetic properties
  • Available in colours of Blue, Black, Red and Green. Please specify colour choice
  • Comes in Right Hand only. The Left Hand model is not a stocked item but can be special ordered. Please enquire

The Win & Win A-1 3 tube quiver is the most practical quiver you will see. If you demand the best, the Win & Win A1 Magnetic Quiver is something to consider.

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