WNS Optimo Alpha Limbs


WNS Optimo Alpha Limbs have what you need as a beginner in archery, super quality at a great price for beginners and intermediate archers

WNS Optimo Alpha Limbs

WNS Optimo Alpha Limbs Description

Win & Win Archery has rebranded the SF or Sebastien Flute brand as WNS, pronounced Winners. WNS has completely redesigned their ever popular Optimo range and created the Optimo-a Limbs.

Perfect starter recurve limbs when setting out in this great sport of archery. The WNS Optimo-a limbs are just the ticket as

  • Club limbs for novices to practice with or use when learning how to shoot a bow
  • The beginner who wants to experience shooting on their own
  • Folks just starting out in archery who are on a tight budget
  • Youth from 13 years of age upwards
  • Ladies who want light poundage limbs which suit their abilities
  • People who just want to have a bit of fun out the back or out in the back paddock

The 68 inch limbs come in poundage ranges of 24lb, 20lb and 16lb and fit the 24 inch riser, the 66 inch limbs come in poundage ranges of 24lb, 20lb and 14lb and fit the 24 inch riser, the 54 inch limbs come in poundage ranges of 26lb, 24lb, 20lb, 18lb, 16lb and 14lb and fit the 19.5 inch riser and the 48 inch limbs come in poundage ranges of 24lb, 22lb, 20lb, 18lb, 16lb and 14lb and fit the 14.5 inch riser.

Enjoy the thrill of archery and hitting the target with WNS Optimo Recurve limbs.

  • Especially designed for ladies, youth, beginners and for novices to use at clubs
  • Laminated fiberglass and layers of wood limbs
  • Perfect limbs for starting out in archery
  • Develop and practice your archery form at your pace
  • Manufactured the same way that other models in the WNS range
  • Lightweight yet very accurate
  • These limbs are ready for intensive club usage
  • Wide range of options in length & poundage to suit you
  • Limbs available in lengths of 68", 66", 54" and 48". Please specify choice
  • 68" Limbs come in 24lb, 20lb & 16lb, 66" Limbs come in 24lb, 20lb & 14lb, 54" Limbs come in 26lb, 24lb, 20lb, 18lb, 16lb & 14lb and 48" Limbs come in 24lb, 22lb, 20lb, 18lb, 16lb & 14lb. Please specify choice
  • Only 2 limbs are offered for sale here although three limbs are shown for illustration purposes
  • Screw fitting limbs
  • WNS Optimo-a Limbs are recommended for use with and suit WNS Optimo-a Risers which are sold separately
  • You can also purchase a recurve bow package comprising handle, limbs, bowstring, stick on arrow rest & instruction sheet which are sold separately
  • Value for money limbs
  • Sight, stabiliser, cushion plunger, arrows, quiver, armguard & bow case can be purchased separately. If you need advice on what to order, please enquire & we will be pleased to give you advice that suits your budget

Enjoy the thrill of archery and hitting the target. In no time at all, you will be hitting the bull's eye! WNS Optimo-a Recurve limbs.

Model Status: Superseded

The WNS Optimo Alpha Limbs has been replaced by the
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