Winner's Choice Custom String Set with Nitro Buttons

Brand: Winner's Choice

Winner's Choice bowstrings are chosen by bowhunters, elite archers and backyard shooters alike. Why? Because people who want strings that do not stretch, deliver consistent and accurate shots throughout the life of their bowstring, only consider Winners Choice.

Winner's Choice Custom String Set with Nitro Buttons

Winner's Choice Custom String Set with Nitro Buttons Description

Your bowstring is something you typically don't notice, until it no longer performs. Then it becomes the focal point of your bow. At Winner's Choice, they understand the hassles associated with string creep, peep rotation, serving separation, etc.

That's why they have set out to develop technologies and manufacturing methods and find materials, that ensure your bowstring will perform flawlessly right out of the box and over time.

The engineers and developers at Winner's Choice take great pride in knowing that many of the very best hunters and shooters trust the performance of a Winner's Choice bowstring when they go afield or step up to the line. They believe this is proof positive that their bowstrings perform like no other. Proof that their bowstrings offer superior stability, consistent accuracy, faster arrow speeds, better abrasion resistance, quicker shoot-in times, and no string creep, peep rotation or serving separation.

Genuine Winner's Choice bowstrings are the highest quality bowstrings available and are trusted by the world's top archers to deliver unparalleled performance and long life. Now featuring Weatherlock technology, Winner's Choice strings also are impervious to accuracy-robbing moisture.

Winner's Choice Custom Bowstrings offer totally pre-stretched strings and cables with serving guaranteed not to separate; deliver a dramatic increase in string life; centre servings installed to maximum tightness with no movement or separation guaranteed and peep sights that will not rotate or creep.

The Winner's Choice Guarantee:

  • Completely pre-stretched fibres
  • Serving that will never slip or separate
  • Consistent peep alignment
  • Stretching is virtually eliminated

The best hunters and shooters in the world choose the best bowstrings made - Winner's Choice, the undisputed leader in bowstring technology!

Randy Ulmer, bowhunting legend says "Unfortunately, when it comes to bowhunting, failure is accepted as the norm. I refuse to buy into that attitude. I spend a great deal of my practice and preparation time trying to eliminate all potential reasons for failure from both my shooting form and my equipment. Winner's Choice Bowstrings Weatherlock technology has just allowed me to check one more item off my list of "reasons why I miss" - and that is a water saturated string."

Dan Perez, professional hunter says "After all the hard work that goes into getting in position to unleash an arrow on a savage size, once in a life time buck, you can bet the best bow string in the world will be pushing my arrow. Accuracy is about consistency and the most inconsistent part of a bow setup is the string. Strings often stretch, creep, slip and rotate. That is, unless you're shooting a Winner's Choice String with Weatherlock technology. I'd be crazy to take a chance, I shoot Winner's Choice Strings".

Archers and bowhunters are discovering the benefits of Winner's Choice bowstrings and are willing to pay the price for a superior product that will instantly help them keep their bows shooting superbly for an extended period of time and can achieve an increase in bow speed of as much as 4 to 12 fps.

Shoot with confidence - shoot with Winner's Choice.

Over a decade ago, Winner's Choice developed the "Pre-Stretching" technology that other companies tried to mimic. That technology was great; however Winner's Choice believe that progress means never being satisfied, so in 2007 they introduced their Proprietary Interlocking Molecular Manufacturing Process - PIMMP which aligns and locks the molecules of the fibre itself before construction, to prevent residual creep. This process sets fibre on a molecular level which provides a bowstring that can be relied upon to hold its length regardless of environmental conditions and greatly increases consistency.

Now Winner's Choice have taken string reliability to a level many never thought possible with the inclusion of patented Weatherlock technology on all their string products. Winners Choice developed Weather Tamer String Treatment with Weatherlock technology, working diligently with Scent Control Systems, inventors of the amazing Weatherlock. This innovative new string treatment not only makes strings impervious to all weather conditions by completely waterproofing the string, but also protects the string fibres from abrasion better than any other string product currently available. This treatment reduces heat absorption which also robs accuracy. Weatherlock technology is now standard on all Winner's Choice Bowstring products and is setting yet another standard that competitors simply cannot match!

Winner's Choice strings and cables are constructed using a revolutionary method with completely pre-stretched fibres prior to assembly, ensuring that the product will stay at its desired length for the entire life of the string or cable. Their serving is installed using a patented serving system that ensures maximum allowable tension on the serving during the entire installation process. No other manufacturer offers this production method or can make this guarantee - period.

Winner's Choice make strings and cables for all modern compound bows and now Winners Choice offers complete sets for select bows.

  • World's first weatherproof bowstring - Guaranteed
  • Completely pre-stretched fibres
  • One year warranty
  • Unparalleled commitment to provide the best quality and customer service
  • No string stretch or serving separation - Guaranteed
  • No peep rotation - Guaranteed
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Trusted by the world's top archers

All bow string sets come with the cable or cables along with the string to replace all of the factory string/cables on your bow and are made with BCYX material in 24 strands. A small piece of string is tied through bowstring, just above the centre serving; bowstring tips & information and installation instructions are included.

Your Winner's Choice Custom String Set comprises any colour string material, Black or Clear colour serving material and a pair of Pine Ridge Nitro Buttons XL.

Your Custom Colour String is available in colours of Yellow, Red, Royal Blue, Green, Purple, Black, White, Pink, Tan, Silver, Teal, Kiwi, Root Beer, Gold, Cedar, Black Cherry, Buckskin, Light Pink, Light Blue, Electric Blue, Metallic Bronze, Olive Drab Green, Sunset Orange, Dark Brown, Mountain Berry, Fluoro Yellow, Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Green, Fluoro Purple, Yellow/Black, Red/Black, Royal Blue/Black, Green/Black, White/Black, Tan/Black, Fluoro Orange/Black, Fluoro Green/Black, Sunset Green/Black. Please specify String colour choice.

Your Custom Colour Serving is available in colours of either Black or Clear. Please specify Serving colour choice.

Please also state above the year, brand, model of your bow, lengths of your shooting string, buss cable & control cable (or shooting string & two buss cables).

Shoot tighter groups with Winner's Choice.

It is important to wax your bow string frequently to protect it from the elements and to minimise string abrasion. Simply apply wax directly to your string or roll some wax in the palm of your hands until it becomes soft, pliant and warm and then run the wax up and down the string. Be careful not to apply excessive wax to the string. Xccelerator Bowstring Wax, Tex-Tite Bowstring Wax and Seal-Tite Bowstring Wax by Bohning are available and can be purchased separately.

Model Status: Superseded

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