Beiter Workstation 100

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Beiter Workstation 100

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Beiter Workstation 100 Description

You know the scenario - you visit an archer's workshop and your impression of this colleague's professionalism suddenly takes a huge dip owing to his workshop or bench being untidy, tools and so on everywhere and you wonder how he can ever find anything. Your fears are soon confirmed when your friend fossicks around for his wrench or glue without success.

What he needs is a Beiter Workstation 100 which is an aid, similar to a lazy Susan, to leave items while installing points, nocks and vanes on arrows.

During winter time, you can store your carbon arrows and in summer time, your aluminium arrows, without any risk of damaging your vanes.

The Beiter Workstation 100 with several more features than its little brother, the Beiter Office Butler, helps to keep your work area, bench or fletching table clean and tidy while fletching or repairing arrows. Workstation 100 has six tubes to hold up to 6 arrows, as well as glue, points, vanes, nock tools, deburring tool, Beiter Tri-Liner, Beiter Extractor, Beiter Wing-Holder, Beiter String Tool, Beiter Serving Shifter, knife, pliers, scissors, pencils, chalk, marking pens, etc., all in a carousel formation.

The Beiter Workstation 100 comes with two tube extensions to increase the tube height to accept longer shafts or arrows.

Between each tube is a clip, designed to hold most carbon or aluminium shafts, so when installing points or gluing feathers or fletches, there is a locator hole to receive the point. There are 6 clips and each clip is numbered so you know which was the first clip and can work on the shafts in order. With the 6 tubes and 6 clips, you can hold a dozen shafts or arrows.

The Beiter Workstation 100 also comes with 15 bushings which can be inserted into the tubes to shorten the depth of the tubes so when you place a point into a tube, it will not be difficult to retrieve the point.

For bulkier items, there is a central well to accommodate fletching glues, string waxes, Allen wrenches and the like. Beiter Workstation 100 has a solid base, so long or heavy arrows will not overbalance it and it measures 10mm or 4" in diameter and is 5.7mm or 2.25" high.

Durable and solid and keeps fletched arrows that are drying, out of harm's way. Has many other uses for holding pens, pencils, etc and takes up a very small footprint on the bench.

Clean up your work area with a Beiter Workstation 100 and you will be able to find your tools easier and faster and enjoy working more efficiently with less frustration and disruption to your task.

The Beiter Workstation 100 includes

  • Workstation with 6 tubes
  • 2 tube extensions
  • 6 numbered clips
  • 15 bushings

It will soon be one of those aids that you will not be able to do without. You will be able to quickly put your hand on any tool when you have a Beiter Workstation 100.

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