Beiter 29mm Scope K-Lens

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Beiter 29mm Scope K-Lens

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Beiter 29mm Scope K-Lens Description

The Beiter 29mm Scope with a central hole, large level and a Zeiss K-Lens made by Carl Zeiss and can be used with the Beiter Scope Pin System (only with Scope Pins or in combination with Rings for Scope Pins) developed for compound archers world wide.

The 29mm scope is assembled with the Zeiss K-Lens (the K stands for the German word for plastic - Kunststoff) and weighs 50% less than a similar glass lens with the same dioptres.

The large 10mm level system consists of a level, a holder and a support for the holder. Because of the light refraction, the blue level will turn into the colour of the holder and support. You will never worry about a faded liquid again.

The Beiter Scope ±29 is equipped with a ZEISS K-Lens, a convex/concave lens and Beiter is the only archery manufacturer using original Carl Zeiss AG lenses, proudly made in Germany.

ZEISS K-Lenses are available with a centre hole of 1.5mm diameter offering several aiming options and newly developed interchangeable aiming dots.

The ZEISS K-Lens is available in the following dioptres or magnifications

  • +0.25 dioptre or 2 power magnification
  • +0.50 dioptre or 4 power magnification
  • +0.75 dioptre or 6 power magnification
  • +1.00 dioptre or 8 power magnification
  • +1.25 dioptre or 10 power magnification
  • 2, 8 and 10 power are not stocked items but can be special ordered. Please enquire

The scope pin is optional and not included in the basic unit.

Beiter 29mm Scope K-Lens clear body, blue-clear level, RH.

  • 29mm convex/concave ZEISS K-Lens with hole installed
  • Available in 0.5 dioptre and 0.75 dioptre. Please specify lens or magnification
  • Clear thread ring for lens
  • O ring for lens
  • 10mm blue level with a solid bracket that will not move or come loose
  • 10-32" thread. 8-32" thread is not a stock item, but can be special ordered. Please enquire
  • Optional green, red, orange or black level colours are available for differing light conditions. Separate levels are not a stock item, but we can special order specific colours in. Please enquire.
  • Blue Scope Tool to fix the lens and install or remove the Scope Pin
  • Specifically designed for compounds
  • Clear Scope body
  • High quality plastic housing with a solid moulded platform
  • Quality, durable scope incorporating a Zeiss lens
  • Telescoping circular clear plastic storage tube to stow your scope safely
  • Fully illustrated diagrams and installation instructions
  • Right hand

If you want accuracy and demand quality, then there is no other choice than Beiter - it is the best.

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