Beiter Rip-Clutch Square and Adapter 42.3mm to 5-16in-24

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Beiter Rip-Clutch Square and Adapter 42.3mm to 5-16in-24

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Beiter Rip-Clutch Square and Adapter 42.3mm to 5-16in-24 Description

The Beiter Rip-Clutch System is a bow holder or bow vice. It is a tool to use in pro-shops and clubs, or for bowhunters and archers to repair, maintain, tune or set up bows and to install accessories.

It is a simple but effective way of securing bows to a bench to work on and has been developed by Beiter to simplify working on bows. It is an ergonomic design which features a large barrel to make it easy to grip and allows easier and firmer one hand use.

The two part Beiter Rip-Clutch package comprises

  • The base at top right of the Rip-Clutch Square, which at one end, has an angled mounting surface to allow the rigid, high strength, precision machined Rip-Clutch to be set at a slight angle to the perpendicular; the square affixes to any bench with the 2 screws provided and at the other end, has a round hollow barrel with a male connection with eight positioning grooves around its outside)
  • An Adapter 42.3mm to 5-16"-24 (the adapter at one end, has a round hollow barrel with a female connection with four positioning grooves around its inside and at the other end, has a 5-16" thread which screws into the stabiliser bushing on any bow)
  • Connect the Rip-Clutch Square and Adapter by simply slipping the Adapter over the Rip-Clutch

The Rip-Clutch Square simply affixes to any work bench or solid surface - desk, counter, shelf or anywhere you need to work on a compound or recurve bow. It is an incredibly practical tool which will hold your bow securely at various angles in both vertical and horizontal positions.

The Beiter Ripclutch system has many different uses including allowing you to display pro-shop bows neatly and uniformly on a bow rack, storing beginner bows in the club house, or stowing bows in the workshop, at home or in the man cave.

The Rip-Clutch is an innovative method to precisely position and display bows in your pro-shop and your bows will remain stable, day after day and will not get that drift or droop, common with other displays where there is no solid attachment to the bow rack and the bows slide to one side and present an untidy appearance. You can regularly change your bow layout easily to provide a fresh but professional look for your bow display.

Whenever a bow is sold, simply slip Adapter off the Rip-Clutch, unscrew the Adapter from the sold bow, screw Adapter onto another bow and slip back onto the Rip-Clutch.

You can quickly install any accessory, with both hands free to work. Whether you want to serve a string, adjust centre shot, check limb alignment, install a peep, D-Loop, arrow rest, plunger, clicker, sight, bow sling and much more, you will always have two hands free.

You save time with a Rip-Clutch and Adapter as you can instantly work on a compound rather than having to use a bow press and press the bow before you can start to work on the bow. The grooves on the Rip-Clutch and Adapter are precision made and will not allow any rotation or movement and provide a very reliable and secure connection, are intuitive to use, inaudible when connected yet give a quick release.

Rip Clutch and Adapter are made of polypropylene, injection moulded to the highest precise standards demanded in the biopharmaceutical, medical, chemical and watch industries.

As well as the Rip-Clutch Square, it is also available as a Rip-Clutch Round which is sold separately.

The Adapter can also slip on to a Kaindl or Multi Tool Bow Vice which is sold separately.

Easy to install - just fix the Rip-Clutch with just 1 or 2 screws and start working on bows.

You will wonder how you ever got by without a Beiter Rip-Clutch System.

  • Repair, tune or set up bows & install accessories
  • Ideal for installing peep, D-Loop, rest, plunger & sight
  • You can set the bow securely at various angles
  • Saves you time as you can work on the bow straight away
  • Stores club beginner bows
  • Displays pro-shop bows uniformly
  • Stable & will not allow bows to slide
  • Change bow layout regularly to freshen up shop display
  • Easy to connect and disconnect
  • Easily remove Adapter when bow is sold
  • Also comes as a Rip-Clutch Round
  • Can be used with the Kaindl or Multi Tool Bow Vice
  • Economical and durable tool for many trouble free years of service
  • Use on both compounds and recurves
  • Easy to install
  • Another quality, innovative, practical Beiter product
  • Made in Germany

Beiter tools to simplify your archery life.

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