Beiter Pin-Out Nock 12pk

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Beiter Pin-Out Nock 12pk

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Beiter Pin-Out Nock 12pk Description

Werner Beiter designed the first Insert-Nock, the first Out-Nock and the first In-Out-Nock and now has made the first Pin-Out-Nock! The inner diameter of the Beiter Pin Out Nock fits precisely onto its respective pin and the end of the shaft and protects the end of the shaft.

The Pin Out Nock is only available for selected aluminium-carbon shafts, both in the Beiter patented asymmetric version, as well as in the symmetric type, for compound archers using a D-Loop.

Features of the Beiter Pin Out Nock which distinguishes them from other brands

  • Each nock size has only one single mould to offer the highest precision and the lowest tolerances because every single nock comes out of the same mould
  • The Beiter nock does not pinch on the nocking point, but rests there with a spring effect and is more durable than other nock brands, having a much longer working life and more importantly, Beiter guarantees consistent release of its nock from the string, shot after shot.
  • The Beiter Pin Out Nock is available as asymmetric or symmetric (Hunter). To ensure the asymmetric nock is placed correctly, see that the notch for the nocking point, looks to the front of the arrow.
  • The Beiter Pin Out Nock fits with its inner diameter on the respective pin. It could well be that there is a gap between the outer diameter and the shaft. This will not interfere with the stability of the system or performance
  • The Beiter Pin Out Nock is only available for selected pin-shaft-combinations, especially for arrow shafts which have no other Beiter Nock option than the pin
  • The Beiter Pin Out Nock can be shot without problem with all known nocking points; but the Beiter nocking point is the ideal partner for any asymmetric Beiter Nock. If used together, they avoid the arrow nocking out of the string at full draw and have ideal gliding surfaces.
  • Beiter Pin Out Nocks are available for X10 Pin in orange, for X10 ProTour Pin orange, for ACE Pin in blue, for Nano-XR Pro Pin and Nano-XR Pin in neon yellow. Please specify size choice.

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