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Beiter Torx & Hex Wrench

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Beiter Torx & Hex Wrench Description

What a terrific tool. The Beiter Torx & Hex Wrench has been designed especially for archers by Werner Beiter and developed in cooperation with premium German tool manufacturer, Wiha at their Wiha Werk Monchweiler factory and it is not your average wrench.

Wiha is noted for outstanding quality and workmanship with torx keys and chamfered ends for quick, easy insertion.

Torx is a type of screw head characterised by a 6 point star shaped pattern and prevents cam-out or overtightening and allows for a higher torque to be exerted than a similarly sized conventional hex socket head without damaging the head and/or the tool.

Smooth edges prevent injuries and eliminate pressure marks and high quality plastic, impact resistant, moulded ergonomic handle.

It is not your average wrench and is the perfect partner for the Beiter Bow Wrench which can be purchased separately.

The Beiter Torx & Hex wrench is based on the unique Wiha's PocketStar compact fold up torx wrench key set with a limited lifetime guarantee and includes 9 different hex wrench sizes (6 Torx-tamper resistant wrenches with centering and 3 Hex wrenches) within a multifunction housing.

The Beiter Wrench includes 6 Torx wrenches of T9H (point-to-point distance 0.098" or 2.50mm), T10H (0.107" or 2.74mm), T15H (0.128" or 3.27mm), T20H (0.151" or 3.86mm), T25H (0.173" or 4.43mm), and T27H (0.195" or 4.99mm) and 3 Hex Imperial wrenches of 3-32", 7-32" and 1-4".

The patented push out knob allows you to easily open the tool and take out the wrenches one at a time! When not in use, each key recesses into the high grade polymer, ergonomically designed reinforced fibreglass handle. A simple eject button allows the desired key to be turned out into its working position without the remaining keys moving.

The keys can be used on many archery parts and accessories.

It is so durable, yet ultra functional because it is very easy to use and covers more situations than a regular wrench.

Each key can be rotated into a working position at any angle up to 270 degrees, making this set useful in even the tightest of spaces. In the 180 degree position, the key can be used just like a normal screwdriver, whereas the 270 degree position is ideal for applications where a higher torque is required. The 270 degree limit for the working position of the key also eliminates the risk of jammed or trapped fingers.

Can be stowed in your pocket, bag or quiver. The rust and wear resistant torx keys are made from hardened and electro-plated chrome-vanadium steel and are made to last.

The Beiter Torx & Hex Wrench exudes German excellence and exceptional quality and when you get it in your hands, you will know this is the right wrench for you.

You will easily recognise the Beiter Torx & Hex Wrench as it has blue covers.

  • Designed especially for archers by Werner Beiter
  • Developed in cooperation with leading tool maker, Wiha
  • Precision machined, hex keys and chamfered ends
  • Will not round off corners or strip out
  • No cut-off burrs or impact distortions
  • Hardened and electro-plated chrome-vanadium steel
  • Rust and wear resistant hex keys
  • Push button assist for fast key access & easy key selection; merely press one button for the correct key
  • Comfort formed, moulded ergonomic grip fits your hand like a glove
  • Slip resistant finish and attractive flat black colour grip
  • Keys rotate up to 270 degrees with positive stop at 270 degrees when open
  • Keys can be positioned at any angle
  • Fits into all tight spots or hard to reach areas
  • Limited lifetime warranty, ultra-functional quality tool
  • 6 piece torx wrenches of T9H, T10H, T15H, T20H, T25H and T27H and 3 Hex Imperial wrenches of 3-32", 7-32" and 1-4" in a fold up case
  • Extra large sizes
  • All the popular sizes for the current model compound bows
  • Metric sizes for plungers and sights
  • Imperial sizes for most bows and accessories
  • Extra large grip is ideal for those with larger hands
  • Comfortable heavy duty handle to hold and does not conduct heat or cold
  • Great for sights, arrow rests, scopes, limb bolts and more
  • Black-plated to resist rust
  • Includes all sizes you need to make minor repairs and fine tune your bow and equipment
  • Compact design - 12.0 cm or 4.75" long
  • Made in Germany
  • Not your average wrench

Simply put, a practical tool for many needs!

Many inferior knock-off imitators have come on the scene and appear to look and feel like a Beiter Torx & Hex Wrench, but lack Beiter's precision engineering, top quality materials and the highest quality standards and certainly do not perform anywhere near as well as a Beiter Torx & Hex Wrench. Just ask a Beiter owner - they will tell you there is only one bow wrench - Beiter.

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