Rose City Archery 59 Fred Bear X300 Matched Arrow dozen

Brand: Rose City

Fred Bear X-300 Matched Wood Arrows, made from premium quality Port Orford cedar, spine matched with attractive cresting and fine pin stripes, stained or natural, fletched with barred shield cut feathers, Bear logo, beautifully presented in a commemorative retro looking Bear cardboard arrow box, for those who want the finest

Rose City Archery 59 Fred Bear X300 Matched Arrow dozen

Rose City Archery 59 Fred Bear X300 Matched Arrow dozen Description

Bear Archery and Rose City have partnered to bring you Port Orford cedar arrows, once designed by Fred Bear himself and produced in the tradition of the golden era of bowhunting.

These arrows are manufactured by Rose City and licensed under the Bear Archery name. The arrows are reminiscent of the product offering that Fred Bear sold in the late 1950's.

Rose City is replicating the finest Port Orford cedar arrows to match the entire Bear line of bows, including Fred's famed Grizzly recurve that Fred shot at targets and on hunts.

"We are very excited about our new partnership with Rose City, our customers and loyal Bear fanatics from all over have been asking us to bring back the old Bear wooden arrows. We believe consumers are going to be thrilled with the classic look of the arrows all the way to the vintage style box, these arrows are a true representation of simpler times and of the days when Papa Bear still roamed the woods." said Steve Dalp, Product Manager for Bear Archery.

"Rose City, which was established in 1932, is well experienced in making high quality traditional arrows and prides itself in manufacturing the finest wooden arrows and to be able to partner with Bear Archery and produce these high quality Retro arrows like the ones offered in the late 1950's is a true honour." stated Jerry Dishion, President/CEO of Rose City Archery._

The Vintage Bear arrows manufactured by Rose City are beautifully presented in a new commemorative retro looking Bear cardboard arrow box, reminiscent of the box used in 1959, the year Fred Bear hunted and killed an Alaskan polar bear - with a Port Orford cedar arrow. The box keeps the feather fletchings smooth and stows the 125 grain points, which are not installed, in their own compartment so your arrows arrive in a condition worthy of a keepsake.

Made by Rose City Archery with the Retro looking box and extreme attention to detail, it takes a second to realise they are not antique arrows.

Port Orford cedar is prized for its strength, straightness, elasticity, beauty, forgiveness in flight and perfect physical weight to spine weight ratio over all other woods in the world.

Port Orford cedar has no match and has been proven and chosen over the decades by folks like Howard Hill, Fred Bear, Ben Pearson and probably you, all of the finest archers in the world, as the best material on the planet for wooden arrows.

Port Orford cedar is what traditional stands for, something that has been handed down from generation to generation, which has withstood the test of time and endured.

The same type of wooden arrows that look extremely similar to the ones Fred shot more than 50 years ago can now be purchased.

Fred Bear X-300 Matched premium quality Port Orford cedar arrows, spine matched with attractive crest and finely pin-striped. All shafts are stained or natural colour with a 10 inch shaftment under the fletching make the arrows even more eye appealing. With barred shield cut feathers for the hen feathers and dyed barred for the cock feather. One dozen 11-32 inch diameter, 125 grain field points (not installed) and Bohning Classic nocks. Length anywhere from 26 inches to 31 inches. The Bear logo matches shaft colour as much as possible. All feathers will be matched to cresting, nock or crown dip as closely as possible.

Spine weights available 40#-45#, 45#-50#, 50#-55#, 55#-60#, 60#-65#. Please specify weight choice.

Rose City Archery 59 Fred Bear X300 Matched Arrows, when only the best will do.

Model Status: Superseded

The Rose City Archery 59 Fred Bear X300 Matched Arrow dozen has been replaced by the
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