Wasp Sledgehammer 3 Blade Broadhead 150 gr 3 pack

Brand: WASP

Wasp Sledgehammer broadhead, the ideal choice for the bowhunter, has a solid steel ferrule tipped with Wasp's bone crushing stainless steel Trocar tip, designed for deep penetration and cuts through anything that gets in the way

Wasp Sledgehammer 3 Blade Broadhead 150 gr 3 pack

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Wasp Sledgehammer 3 Blade Broadhead 150 gr 3 pack Description

The Sledgehammer broadhead by Wasp is the hardest hitting broadhead and features a solid steel ferrule tipped with Wasp's bone crushing stainless steel Trocar tip.

Heavyweight deep penetrating crossbow broadhead, The 150 grain broadhead has a 1.0625" cutting diameter and cuts through anything that gets in the way.

With a weight of 150 grains, this broadhead is the ideal choice for the bowhunter.

Blades stay put even under the toughest conditions.

  • Features an aerodynamic, ultra compact, aerospace grade aluminium ferrule that provides field point accuracy and easy tuning
  • Stainless Smart Tip (SST), a 100% stainless steel Trocar tip that is designed for deep penetration
  • Great for heavier FOC weight
  • Pre-assembled heads
  • Silver coloured ferrule
  • 3 razor sharp blades are durable, always tip aligned and easily replaceable
  • Fixed blades
  • Surgical sharp stainless steel blades are really easy to replace
  • Cutting diameter 1.0625"
  • Blade thickness .027"
  • 6 replacement vented razor blades included
  • Available in 150 grains
  • Made in USA

You've heard the stories. If only my broadhead hadn't failed me, I would've had the biggest buck you'd ever seen. Actual size of the escaped beast aside, there's one thing that's always true about these stories: the hunter wasn't shooting Wasp.

There's a good reason Wasp broadheads have been trusted by hunters and feared by animals for over 45 years. A lot of good reasons, actually. Wasp give you unsurpassed accuracy, strength and penetration so you can experience the best blood trails of your life and you'll never have to blame your broadhead again.

Nothing penetrates or devastates like a Wasp. In a world where more broadheads are sold because of who shoots them than how well they perform, it's time to reconsider what's on the end of your arrow. No manufacturer claims their broadheads are weaker, less accurate or less devastating. So how can Wasp definitively say their broadheads are unsurpassed in strength, accuracy and penetration? Here's how:

  • Wasp made the world's first commercially available replaceable blade broadhead
  • Over 45 years of American innovation
  • Built in America from 100% American made parts
  • Replacement blades included with most broadheads
  • Wasp products are loaded with time tested technical features that deliver proven performance on every shot
  • A true trocar tip that creates a sharp, strong leading edge for the blades to follow
  • Tough broadheads that resist bending and breaking even on contact against hard surfaces

Features that kill your target and the competition

Wasp broadheads are built by America with over 45 years of innovation. Wasp are the ones who invented the first replaceable blade broadhead. But they didn't stop there. Through continuous refinement and commitment to quality, they've helped thousands of hunters take down targets that might've gotten away if they'd been using an inferior broadhead. And Wasp have always built their products right in America to ensure you get the best quality even if that means a little less profit for Wasp.

This is what people have said about the Wasp Sledgehammer 3 Blade Broadhead 150 gr 3 pack.

5 out of 5 stars. "Shooting this head out of an Excalibur Equinox with 2219 shafts and Blazer vanes at 306 fps. The head hits in the exact same spot as my 150 gr field points at all distances. The Sledgehammer also holds a 3 inch group at 50 yards. Blades are very sharp and the Trocar tip is also sharp and aligned with the blades. Accurate sharp all steel construction. This is my choice! Yes, I would recommend to a friend." From Nemadji from Minnesota, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "This broadhead flies great! I have been using this broad head in my crossbow since they came out and I love them. The penetration is awesome, with no trouble having a complete pass through on deer even at 50 yards. The cutting edges of the point and the blades are lined up so I think that helps with the penetration and being a 150 grain broad head there is more front of center weight which I think helps with accuracy. Good hunting! Wayne" From D. Wayne Sommerfeld from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Slices right through. Wow at 30 yards right thru! At first no blood then a little and then a lot and there she was no more than 50 yards! Excellent." From Lucilio Medeiros from USA

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