Thunderhorn BOA solid leather hood 6 arrow bow quiver

Brand: Thunderhorn

Thunderhorn Boa solid leather 6 arrow bow quiver - the natural choice and the ideal companion for any traditonal bow

Thunderhorn BOA solid leather hood 6 arrow bow quiver

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Thunderhorn BOA solid leather hood 6 arrow bow quiver Description

If you are looking for a top quality versatile quiver to complement your bow, then the Thunderhorn BOA 6 arrow traditional hand-stitched solid leather bow quiver is ideal.

Thunderhorn Manufacturing provides you with only the finest products in function, material and craftsmanship. The Traditional Series quivers from Thunderhorn offer the best in authentic traditional styling and reliable performance in the woods or on the range.

All Thunderhorn quivers are made with select, genuine leathers and feature hand stitching and top quality workmanship.

Thunderhorn's original two piece strap-on quiver is really simple to install with quick-mount constrictor straps which anchor securely to the limbs of nearly any recurve, longbow or self-bow. It can be attached whilst the bow is strung and whilst the arrows are in it and can be removed without unstringing the bow and removing the arrows. The Thunderhorn Boa quiver is durable, lightweight and very functional.

You can take immense pride in this purely traditional looking, hand-stitched American made all-leather hood. The thick leather hood ensures protection against razor sharp broadheads or field points.

The quiver is absolutely quiet and always stays tight on your bow. It holds six arrows securely and is rattle-free and will not interfere with the bow's limb action and provides total fletching clearance.

Goes on and comes off easily and there are no screws or holes to drill. Special rubber arrow gripper will stretch and conform to your bow, providing a perfect fit and will keep your quiver firmly in position. To install, just wrap the boa constrictor strap around your bow over the ends of the bow limbs, ensuring the hood is on the top limb with the hood facing out, away from the sight window for a secure fit. Install the arrow clip on the bottom limb, making sure that the arrow clip is in line with the quiver hood. The hood and arrow clip can be rotated for proper arrow alignment.

Fits both Recurves and Longbows.

Thunderhorn BOA leather hood two piece 6 arrow bow quiver.

  • Holds up to 6 arrows securely
  • Fits recurves, most take-down recurves and longbows
  • Hood protects broadheads
  • Does not interfere with limb action
  • Beautiful hand sewn American solid leather hood
  • Quiet and tight
  • Fits both right hand and left hand bows
  • No need to unstring your bow for installation or removal
  • Simple, durable, lightweight and functional
  • Easy on and easy off with no screws, no tape, no holes and no Velcro
  • The arrow clips are modular or adjustable with hand stitched leather decorative motif
  • Grippers stretch and conform to your bow's limbs
  • Arrow clip channel is moulded from high impact, cold weather polymer, so it won't rust or bend
  • Truly universal
  • Install or remove in seconds, without unloading arrows
  • All contact points are soft rubber, will not mar bow's finish
  • Beautiful leather workmanship
  • Full installation instructions included
  • Proudly handcrafted in Montana, USA
  • This quiver really complements any lovely traditional bow
  • Available in medium brown, dark brown, tan and black leather. Please specify colour choice
  • Also available in two toned contrasting leather and in black plastic hood models which are sold separately

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