TopHat Shaft Shapers set of 3

Brand: TopHat

TopHat High Precision Archery Products - Mounting, Thread Cutting & Shaft Shaper Tools perfect for installing & removing screw on points & adapters, adjusting nock points, compressing wood shafts & pulling arrows. Innovative arrow components, high precision products, the highest standards with optimal tolerances, made with passion for quality & excellence, made in Germany

TopHat Shaft Shapers set of 3

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TopHat Shaft Shapers set of 3 Description

The TopHat Shaft Shaper Tool is for compressing an oversized shaft so the finish will not be marred when installing points and to allow the points to go on easier.

The tool base is preferably mounted in a battery powered drill but a mains powered drill is fine if it has a slow variable speed capability.

Then screw the selected Shaft Shaper insert into the tool base and insert into the drill chuck.

Gently spin the drill at a slow but controlled speed and apply pressure to the shaft.

Once you can go no further on the shaft, the taper is complete and with the drill still spinning, remove the tool from the shaft.

The Shaft Shaper Tool compresses slightly larger wooden shafts to the exact size needed for a proper fit of TopHat screw on points and adapters.

The TopHat Shaft Shaper Set includes

  • one tool base
  • 5-16" sizing insert
  • 11-32" sizing insert
  • 23-64" sizing insert
  • Inserts are differentiated by grooves on the spline of the insert, 1 groove signifies 5-16", 2 grooves 11-32", 3 grooves 23-64"

The tool base and inserts are machined from stainless steel to the highest standards.

TopHat are high precision products with the highest standards and optimal tolerances, made in Germany with passion for quality and excellence.

It is recommended that you also purchase the TopHat Mounting Tool and TopHat Thread Cutting Tool to use in conjunction with the TopHat Shaft Shaper Set. The Mounting Tool is for gripping points and the Thread Cutting Tool without marring them and for easy tightening and removal of TopHat points. The TopHat Mounting Tool and Thread Cutting Tool are available and sold separately.

If you would like sent instructions on how to use the TopHat Mounting, Thread Cutting and Shaft Shaper Tools, please include your request in Step 2 of the Checkout process when ordering.

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