TRU Ball eXecute Brass Release

Brand: TRU Ball

TRU Ball eXecute brass release delivers zero trigger travel & snap frozen crispness, sturdy nickel plated casing, very comfortable at full draw, no trigger tension build up with higher draw weights, adjustable from feather light to heavy, thin single jaw prevents premature D Loop wear, minimises unnecessary face contact & provides a finer contact point with loop

TRU Ball eXecute Brass Release

TRU Ball eXecute Brass Release Description

The TRU Ball eXecute is the release that dedicated wrist strap shooters have been yearning for!

Shooting an unanticipated shot with a release aid requires a trigger with zero trigger travel and snap frozen crispness.

The eXecute exceeds expectations by delivering these two requirements and many more additional features that put it at the pinnacle of release aid design.

This release is built around a sturdy nickel plated casing, the first of its kind in the industry.

The design is very comfortable whilst in the full draw position, allowing an archer to set up with a wrapped finger over the trigger at anchor and then pull through the shot.

Crisp double internal sears ensure that trigger sink is non-existent throughout the shot execution process, an issue with some other releases on the market that can lead to anticipation.

The unique mechanism of the eXecute does not build trigger tension with higher draw weights.

With some cheaper releases out there, the heavier the draw weight, the heavier the trigger becomes at full draw due to the workings of their mechanism.

eXecute can be adjusted with feather light or anvil heavy tension to suit the needs of a discerning target archer or bow hunter.

It is not only adjustable for trigger travel and tension, the eXecute also has locking screws to make sure everything stays put, right where you want it.

Gone are the days of archers adding things to release screws or constantly needing to re-adjust. Once set, the eXecute stays put.

A thin single jaw design on the eXecute prevents premature D Loop wear, minimises unnecessary face contact and also provides a finer contact point with the loop.

Polished stainless steel makes for a smooth hook design that is free of sharp edges and extremely consistent when shots break.

The release is self closing via the knurled cocking bar located behind the trigger.

Two separate triggers, knurled for extra grip are included to customise the release to an archer's particular style, a forward positioned trigger and a relaxed swept back trigger which is installed on your release and are interchanged easily with one socket head cap screw. Trigger position can also be adjusted at full draw to get that perfect fit.

  • The first nickel plated brass body release resists corrosion and wear through harsh weather conditions
  • Double sear internal firing mechanism
  • Independent trigger travel and sensitivity adjustments with locking screws
  • Solid brass adds weight in the hand
  • Thin jaw design to increase accuracy and decrease D-Loop wear
  • Ultra-light, ultra-crisp to ultra-heavy trigger adjustability can be locked to prevent unintended movement
  • Triggers are easily micro-adjustable to allow for loop-to-trigger finger length personalisation
  • Ultra light and crisp trigger adjustment with two interchangeable trigger arms (forward or relaxed)
  • Will not build up trigger pressure with additional bow weight
  • Jaw fully closes around the loop rope
  • High quality hardened 58/60 Rockwell stainless steel & aircraft-grade aluminium internal components
  • Neoprene lined leather wrist strap
  • Adjustable web buckle strap connection allows for short length adjustment that drops away after the shot
  • Available in X-Large and Large. Please specify choice

This release had a great deal of hype and expectation around its launch while being used as a prototype by professional archers on the ASA and IBO 3D circuits. Long time wrist strap style shooters such as Tim Gillingham, Jack Wallace II and Danny Evans have all taken to the eXecute and are extolling all of its benefits.

Don't just take our word for it, listen to the Pros! The eXecute is THE wrist strap index finger release aid you need to order to take your game to the next level.

The eXecute wrist strap release by Tru Ball is for serious target archers and bowhunters alike.

Model Status: Superseded

The TRU Ball eXecute Brass Release has been replaced by the
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