TRU Ball FulKrum Flex Quicksilver Release

TRU Ball FulKrum Flex Quicksilver Release Jesse Broadwater Signature Edition is a hinge/back tension shooter's dream, enclosed smooth index finger & knurled second & third finger, simple, smooth & crisp head, can be used with or without a click, allows you to adjust to fit your individual style, so you can be consistent, comfortable & accurate

TRU Ball FulKrum Flex Quicksilver Release

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TRU Ball FulKrum Flex Quicksilver Release Description

The FulKrum Flex Quicksilver by TRU Ball is a micro adjustable hinge/back tension release, with a nicely weighted brass body, nickel plated, an enclosed smooth index finger and knurled second, third or fourth finger, its sure to provide a great feel.

With the FulKrum Flex, TRU Ball have taken the FulKrum and made it even better.

The FulKrum Flex features the new Comfort Flex technology which allows you to select infinite finger bed locations on both the third finger and fourth finger handle pieces.

Each piece can individually move 30 degrees.

TRU Ball added their new Quicksilver finish to many of the brass releases across the line up It consists of a nickel plating that resists corrosion and tarnishing, maintains a smooth finish and extends the life of your release.

The FulKrum Flex has the Lever Alignment System (LAS) technology lets you move the head of the release around the outside edge of the index finger and this moves the fulcrum point of the release to different locations that make the release fire easier in different individual shooting styles.

The FulKrum Flex also lets the archer who has accuracy-robbing string or vane contact with their face at full draw, the ability to adjust this with the LAS.

The FulKrum Flex has two separate sears, one with a click and one without a click.

The FulKrum Flex features a micro-adjustable sear that can be adjusted with the included tool which screws into the handle to remain with your release at all times.

The micro-adjustable sear has a lock screw that needs to be loosened prior to making any travel adjustment and then re-tightened after adjusting.

Laser engraved reference marks are easily visible for referencing your setting.

The FulKrum series and Abyss series provide you with accuracy busting technology with the same handle and impact points as each other.

"I feel this is the ultimate back tension/hinge style release and I hope you enjoy it!" Jesse Broadwater, Professional Archer.

  • FulKrum is a hinge/back tension shooter's dream designed by the Freakshow, Jesse Broadwater
  • Lever Alignment System optimises your point of release
  • Nicely weighted solid brass body
  • Enclosed smooth index finger, adjustable thumb peg and knurled second and third finger, to provide a great feel
  • Simple, smooth and crisp head, using the LAS allows further customisation
  • LAS allows you to move the head around the outside edge of the index finger, changing the fulcrum (pivot) point to match your individual shooting style
  • Minimises drastically accuracy robbing string or vane contact with your face at full draw
  • Comes with the standard click speed dial installed & a faster and slower clicker available
  • Can also be used without a click by flipping the speed dial around 180 degrees
  • Travel Setting Adjustment, loosen the adjustment screw to use the speed dial travel, speed pointer indicator allows precise adjustments to sensitivity, can be set with or without a click & dots indicate speed of click, 1=Standard, 2=Fast
  • Handle adjusts for a perfect fit (a matching handle to the Abyss Flex) an easy transition between back-tension and thumb-activated releases
  • Laser engraved marks on the moon adjustment make it easy to reference your preferred setting
  • Easy to adjust to your shooting style
  • 30 degrees of radial rotation (15 degrees forward and 15 degrees back) in 2 locations
  • Comfortflex technology allows you to select infinite finger bed locations on both the 3rd & 4th finger handle pieces
  • Precision CNC machined out of solid brass with aluminium finger pieces and polished hardened stainless steel internal mechanisms
  • Features micro-adjustable finger grip locations, where each individual finger position can be adjusted up to fifteen degrees in a forward and backward direction
  • For a matching thumb activated trigger release, the Abyss provides you with accuracy busting technology with the same exact handle and impact points as the FulKrum. Both Abyss & FulKrum have exactly the same bodies to swap between them without affecting the impact point of your arrows on the target
  • Available in Medium and Large. Please specify size
  • Three options for handle configurations included, a three finger, four finger & three finger claw
  • Create a handle with fingers in line, swept back or anything in between for a perfect fit
  • Brass body with Quicksilver nickel plated finish
  • Proudly designed, CNC machined and assembled in the USA
  • The Real #1. Anyone can claim it. We prove it!
  • With every Abyss & FulKrum release sold, a percentage of the sale proceeds will go to the Windber Research Institute to help fight breast cancer. "That is what I am most excited about. Knowing that we are helping support a good cause. That makes me feel great!" Jesse Broadwater

This is what people have said about the TRU Ball FulKrum Flex Release.

5 out of 5 stars. "Awesome!!! Hands down the best back tension release available, adjustable in just about every way imaginable. Great quality, definitely not cheap but you get what you pay for." From JS from USA

"The Team at TRU Ball and I worked hard on designing this release from the ground up, using some technologies and adjustability, never seen before in a hand held release. Our goal was to provide the user with a comfortable release and allow the adjustability to fit your individual style, so you can be as consistent, comfortable and accurate as possible." Jesse Broadwater.

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