STAN Element TL Release

Brand: STAN

STAN Element TL release, Smokin' X sear, set to bow's holding weight plus a small differential, at full draw, activate release, add differential weight & release will fire, multi-positional knob, Trainer Lock for practicing shot execution without firing an arrow, EroFit technology, cross training. It's a simpler way to shoot using back tension, just squeeze with your back and it will fire

STAN Element TL Release

STAN Element TL Release Description

Resistance style releases operate by setting the release weight to your bow's holding weight plus a small differential. Once at full draw, activate the release, then add that differential weight and the release will fire.

The STAN Element TL (Trainer Lock) is a pull through release aid that will take your game to the next level the moment you set your hands on it. Pull through release aids are not new and have been around for decades. In the past, products in this category have been very inconsistent in terms of how much weight they require to fire or they were just plain uncomfortable.

Historically, the use of incorrect leverage on the sears made pull through releases very sensitive to hand orientation and other user variables.

Engineers at STAN crafted countless prototypes before settling in on precise geometries that blend crisp, smooth function with exceptional user tolerance. The result was STAN's proprietary Smokin' X sears.

Sears are important, after all, they are what makes a release function. But sears alone are nothing unless they are packaged in a comfortable, forgiving handle that can be fine tuned to fit your hand perfectly.

The Element TL employs STAN's proprietary EroFit technology, the gateway to cross training and MPT knob system, the first multi-positional knob, adjustable for projection, tilt and angle which results in a handle that melts like butter in your hand.

Anatomically precise finger holds with declining body thickness result in a fit and feel similarity across the entire line while leaving just enough changes to keep you from anticipating the shot.

It's a simpler way to shoot using back tension because there is no rotation involved, just squeeze with your back and it will fire. But resistance style release aids are the most difficult to design and manufacture. Succeeding here is what sets a premium manufacturer apart from the pack.

Like anything worth having, STAN's Smokin' X sears were a long time coming. Theory alone will not result in a design that is repeatable. Only painstaking craftsmanship and revision after revision will get you there and with the Smokin' X sears will get you there.

It comes in Large size in a Three Finger configuration. Designed to be used with a D-Loop.

The Element TL is the second release in STAN's lineup to use the Smokin' X sears and features Trainer Lock, an innovation from Stanislawski which allows for easy and safe training. Learn proper shot execution and build confidence in your technique before ever shooting an arrow.

Whether you're shooting a light draw weight for indoors or a heavy 3D setup, the Element TL offers extreme repeatability with the reliability and consistency you can only find in a STAN.

Designed to be used with a D-Loop.

Comes in a Large size.

Available in Three (Trio) Finger model.

Full instructions included

Made in the USA

The biggest thing I battle as a coach is general release dysfunction. It comes in many forms and can range from a mildly engrained triggering response to all out target panic. Stanislawski's Element is my go to release to extinguish the triggering response and introduce a proper and lasting shot activation technique. Larry Wise, Coach

A release aid is a critical tool of my trade. I compete with it at the top level, I teach people how to use it, and I sell it to the public in my retail store. It is more than just my passion, it is my livelihood. I can't afford to work with anything less than the best because failure, either at the equipment, product or supplier level, costs me money. Stanislawski Archery Products is a partner to me in every capacity. Jim Despart, professional archer, Vegas Champion

Model Status: Superseded

The STAN Element TL Release has been replaced by the
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