Shrewd Fully Adjustable Double V Bar

Brand: Shrewd

Shrewd V-Bar features built in quick disconnects and barrels, strong, very solid locking mechanism for precise settings and exact angles makes sure nothing moves once set, clear laser engravings with reference marks, short and long stainless steel fasteners included, can attach a front stabiliser and one side rod

Shrewd Fully Adjustable Double V Bar

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Shrewd Fully Adjustable Double V Bar Description

The fully adjustable double V-Bar by Shrewd features 2 built in quick disconnects and 2 barrel nuts.

This Shrewd V Bar is strong enough to support nearly any weight of stabiliser.

It has a very solid locking mechanism to avoid any unnecessary changes of the stabiliser position.

The clear laser engravings with reference marks make it easy to set your angle or setting.

Two stainless steel fasteners, a short 5-16-24 x 1-2 inch bolt and a long 5-16-24 x 1 inch bolt for mounting are included.

Laser engraved allows you to make precise settings and exact angles.

The unique toothless taper locking system provides maximum surface area with infinite adjustability and makes sure nothing moves once set.

1 inch diameter arms offer a seamless transition from bracket to bars for a clean look.

Use the Shrewd V-Bar to attach two side rods.

  • 2 built in Quick Disconnects with 5-16 inch x 24 thread
  • Solid taper locking system - nothing moves once set
  • Strong enough to support any weight of stabiliser
  • Toothless taper lock provides maximum surface area with infinite adjustability
  • 1 inch diameter arms offer a seamless transition from bracket to bars for a clean look
  • Laser engraved reference marks allow for repeatable placement
  • Make precise settings & exact angles
  • Fully adjustable vertical & horizontal adjustment
  • Machined from high grade 6061 T6 aluminium
  • 2 matching barrel nuts & short and long 5-16 inch x 24 stainless steel fasteners
  • Double-sided design
  • Gloss Black finish. Also comes in Matte Black finish which is not a stocked item but can be special ordered. Please enquire
  • Made in USA

This is what people have said about Shrewd Fully Adjustable Double V Bar.

5 out of 5 stars. "Solid, doesn't shake loose. This Shrewd v-bar is one solid piece of equipment. I purchased this v-bar in March and wanted to give it a few months (I shoot 5 days/week) to see if this was as solid as the other reviewers have said. I had read some reviews on other v-bars on how they would start to loosen from vibration. Once I had adjusted my side bars, this v-bar has not slipped once on my recurve bow. The only problem I had, was it didn't sit solidly with my v-bar extension, but that was easily fixed with a lock washer. Another Great selling point is the included quick disconnects." From mrbill910 from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "LOVE the adjustability. Spent a lot of time looking at different v-bar set ups and decided on this one - didn't disappoint! Love that it has so much adjustability and it's tough! Well built, good quality. Quick disconnects are great and solid. Looks a little more bulky than some others out there on the market but would highly recommend it for recurve or compound shooters." From ceciliaflaming from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Shrewd V-Bar; Excellent piece of hardware. This V-Bar is the "Sherman Tank" of all v-bars. Don't be surprised when you see it. It's much bigger than most other adjustable units on the market and will hold a ton of weight without a single iota of movement in the joints. They as well as the quick disconnects are rock solid. The finish is excellent as well. When you consider the cost of a heavy-duty v-bar and then adding quick discons, this unit is a real value. Although it's not overly heavy, it is a bit on the large side but for ruggedness and value, I would highly recommend this v-bar. I have one on my recurve as well as another on one of my target compounds and am now ordering a third one. Shrewd makes excellent products built to last for many years of hard use.'s bows." From DONALD A. CORWIN from USA

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