Slick Trick ViperTrick 4 blade broadhead 4 pack

Brand: Slick Trick

The number 1 rated head on the internet's largest bowhunting forum. SlickTrick started the super short revolution back in 2000 - now there is SlickTrick ViperTrick. Still the Best.

Slick Trick ViperTrick 4 blade broadhead 4 pack

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Slick Trick ViperTrick 4 blade broadhead 4 pack Description

Every season the legend grows. The 2012 ViperTrick is a super penetrating cut-on-contact 2-edge tip traditional head as strong as 1 piece heads, but is superior with replaceable Lutz custom knife grade Mercedes blades that are sharper and also resharpen sharper.

The ViperTrick has famous Slick Trick field point flight and 4 blade slug holes and greater blood trails since the 4 blades have greater total cut than 3 blade heads.

Slick Trick ViperTrick 1.94" 4 blade broadhead has the "Slick Trick" patented Alcatraz Bladelock design, truly aerodynamic to fly more accurately, air will get less grip and will not be able to push the Slick Trick off target.

No other broadhead in the world has the blades completely interlocked inside the ferrule like the Slick Trick.

Like the massive slug holes, the ViperTrick hits hard and puts animals down.

This design breakthrough perfects the geometry of an aerodynamic one piece 100% steel strength rhinoferrule - stronger than titanium - with 4 imprisoned aerodynamic razor sharp, stainless steel tough .035" thick Mercedes blades with a bone blaster tip for the best combination on the market for accuracy, strength, penetration, great flight, big cut and reliability.

ViperTrick is as strong as one piece broadheads but has as an option - the advantage of replacing or resharpening the blades.

SlickTrick broadheads have four Lutz diamond polished custom knife grade Mercedes blades to slice slug holes for quick kills. Lutz Solingen of Germany have been making surgical steel blades since 1922.

Slug holes - The most common reaction to the ViperTrick is a smile and a comment of "wicked". With a 1.94" 4 blade cut made to blow a comparable hole to a 1.5" 3 blade mechanical head while having superior strength, penetration and reliability.

The ViperTrick has awesome performance taking down animals.

Real Field Point Flight with Slick Tricks. There is a TRICK for everyone and other heads simply cannot match the TRICK combination of accuracy, strength, penetration, haemorrhage and reliability.

Specs at a glance

  • Blades - 0.35" stainless steel Lutz Solingen Mercedes blades (25% stronger than the non Mercedes blades)
  • Ferrule - Super Steel
  • Type - Custom Knife Grade
  • Bladelock - Alcatraz patented
  • Tip - 4 edge, bone splitting
  • Flight - Field point, most bows
  • Available in 100 grains and 125 grains. Please specify weight choice
  • Comments - Cuts more than 1.5" 3 blade mechanical but has fixed strength, penetration and reliability. Puts "slug holes" through animals with great blood trails.

A more accurate shot is a more deadly shot.

The SlickTrick ViperTrick has a 1.94" cutting diameter, .035" thick stainless steel blades in a convenient 4 pack.

ViperTrick is a hot new head, released world wide in July 2012. Shoot the hot head - the SlickTrick ViperTrick 4 blade broadhead. ViperTrick - meaner than a snake!

Everybody is turning on to Tricks

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