Spot-Hogg Infinity arrow rest

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Spot-Hogg Infinity Arrow Rest RH

Spot-Hogg Infinity arrow rest

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Spot-Hogg Infinity arrow rest Description

What makes Spot-Hogg's arrow rests the best?

  • Quality - All Spot-Hogg arrow rests are put through a rigorous inspection process. These state of the art arrow rests are not only cosmetically clean, but they are mechanically sound. Spot-Hogg want the best for their bows and the best is what Spot-Hogg provides for their customers.
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee - Milled from 6061 aircraft aluminium, all Spot-Hogg arrow rests are built tough, so tough that Spot-Hogg stands behind each of their products by giving the customer the security of a 100% lifetime guarantee. This warranty protects against all manufacturing defects. When you buy a Spot-Hogg arrow rest, you are investing in the last arrow rest you will ever need.
  • MAS = Maximum Arrow Support - To get ultimate accuracy out of your equipment, most specifically when shooting longer distances, your rest needs to support the arrow for 66% to 75% of the length of the arrow. The longer your arrow is supported, the more forgiving your bow will be. Arrow support equals tighter groups at longer distances. All Spot-Hogg arrow rests incorporate maximising the amount of length the arrow will be supported. All Spot-Hogg spring loaded arrow rests will support the arrow for 100% of the length of the arrow. Spot-Hogg fall away rests will support the arrow for 75% of the length of the arrow. So if you want to extend your effective shooting distance, don't sell yourself short with anything less than a Spot-Hogg arrow rest.
  • Horizontal and vertical micro adjust - All Spot-Hogg arrow rests offer complete micro adjustability, so when it comes to getting your equipment set up to be the most forgiving it can possibly be, you don't have to sell yourself short due to equipment that only offers eyeball close.
  • Durability - All Spot-Hogg arrow rests incorporate their time tested bullet proof design. Whether you are standing on the line in a shoot off for the national championship title, or at full draw on the potentially new world record bull 10 miles into the wilderness on the hunt of a lifetime, you can be guaranteed that Spot-Hogg's durability is there with you.

The Infinity is "the top of the line" micro-adjustable arrow rest. With its no clamping micro-adjustable windage and elevation, ease of use and precision adjustments, this rest is in a class all by itself.

Infinity incorporates 0.008"; and 0.010" Dave's Best Blade Launchers .2" or narrow. In target competition there is no substitute for accuracy. The winner is the most accurate shooter with the most accurate setup.

Practice can make you better. A consistent shot depends on a consistent arrow rest and the Dave's Best Launcher makes you more consistent and provides the sort of consistent accuracy you crave. Dave's Best Blade Launcher is used by many of today's top tournament archers and was designed and endorsed by champion archer Dave Cousins. Blade is made from the highest quality stainless steel and carefully shaped to provide the most consistent arrow launch possible and is the strongest and simplest blade style available.

World Champions choose Spot-Hogg.

"My Spot-Hogg Infinity rest helps me get the most out of my bows. With its smooth micro adjust, I can easily find where the bow's sweet spot is and that is what helps me to perform and that puts me on top of the podium time and time again. To top it off, I never worry about my arrow rest failing me as it is built rock solid. There are dozens of reasons to shoot Spot Hogg but the main reason is that there just isn't a better rest out there." World Archery Champion, Reo Wilde.

Reo Wilde lives with his wife and two daughters in Pocatello, Idaho, USA and has been competing in archery tournaments for 16 years, 6 years with a recurve and then the past 10 years with a compound bow. Since 2003, Reo's shooting record is 35 Firsts, 22 Seconds and 13 Thirds.

  • Spring loaded launcher with adjustable tension
  • Multiple launcher options including 0.008"; and 0.010" Dave's Best Blade Launchers
  • Vertical and Horizontal "No-Clamp" micro-adjustments
  • Time-tested features and quality
  • Heavy duty, all metal construction
  • Available in right and left hand models. Please specify RH or LH

The Infinity's accuracy, durability and dependability have made this rest the top choice for serious archers worldwide.

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