Shibuya Ultima II RC Carbon sight 9in extension

Brand: Shibuya

What can one say about Shibuya sights other than they consistently win tournaments and are superbly made. What can a Shibuya sight do for your archery? Win you a club event, state title or a national and this is possible with Shibuya - quality through and through.

Shibuya Ultima II RC Carbon sight 9in extension

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Shibuya Ultima II RC Carbon sight 9in extension Description

What springs to mind when you think of Shibuya. Rugged performance? Utmost reliability? Smart design? All of these, because Shibuya exudes quality.

Shibuya has been the number one choice for recurve medallists for decades with tournament proven accuracy and reliability. Many top archers around the world shoot an Ultima II RC recurve sight including Thomas Aubert, Ki Bo Bae, Jocelyn de Grandis, Carole Ferriou, Mauro Nespoli, Amanda Nichols, Park Kyung-Mo, Park Sung-Hyun, Magnus Petersson, Shungo Tabata, Amedeo Tonelli, Elena Tonetta, Natalia Valeeva and Alison Williamson. Why don't you? Shibuya Ultima II RC target recurve sight continuing a medal winning tradition.

When Shibuya introduced the Ultima RC sight, they called it the last sight you ever have to buy.

It has earned that title, more popular than ever after more than 10 years on the market.

However their engineers have not been resting on their laurels. Based on the feedback of top shooters from all over the world, they have gone back to the drawing boards on nearly every part of the Ultima RC sight, improving on the little details that make all the difference in a competitive situation.

The World's most popular recurve sight has evolved.

The Ultima II RC retains all the best features of the Ultima RC, such as the patented X-Lock system, but offers some new and improved advantages.

  • Reduced mass weight and fine-tuned weight distribution. Weight is an important factor when competitive archers choose a new sight. The Ultima II RC sight weighs in at 204 grams or 7.2 oz. Since the bulk of the weight reduction is located at the target side, it feels even lighter once mounted on the bow. In addition, the lighter weight results in significantly reduced vibration
  • New and improved sight-pin locking mechanism. The Ultima RC sight features a simple to use sight pin locking mechanism that is easy to tighten with a single screw. However, our engineers still found room for improvement. The Ultima II RC employs a new, conical washer to reduce loss of parts and completely disconnects the screw threads from the sight pin to avoid thread damage or fusing
  • Pressure insert drive shaft dampening system. Improving on the original Ultima RC's drive shaft support, the new dampening system, increasing contact area to avoid unwanted vibrations and sound upon the shot. As a result, the Ultima II RC is the quietest, most consistent sight Shibuya has ever built!
  • New, maximum grip dial finish. Ultima II RC sights feature completely reworked dials and mounting knobs, making every adjustment delightful and enabling the user to securely tighten the mounting knob more easily and securely than ever!
  • Easy and reliable fine adjustments. One of the most common requests Shibuya has had is a windage fine adjustment scale. The Ultima II RC sight now features a laser engraved sight scale to make fine adjustments easier and reliable than ever!
  • Rock solid precision for podium winning performance
  • Micro adjustment dial travel provides .002" of travel per click windage and elevation at 20 clicks per revolution
  • Serrated release lever for smooth, easy adjustment
  • Laser etched sight scale compatible with popular configuration software
  • Field adjustable, field replaceable components - no need for factory repairs
  • X-Lock System - re-adjustable, zero tolerance fit between the windage unit and the sight frame. Super slick and durable polyacetal resin guide spacers enclose the elevation rail, re-adjustable at the turn of a set screw. All parts are field adjustable and replaceable
  • Precise, hassle-free adjustments - Ultima sights feature a precise, ultra smooth lever locking mechanism. Coarse adjustments are quick to make by pressing the release lever and simply sliding the windage unit to the desired position
  • Precision mounting system - Ultima sights offer the choice of an extra rigid carbon extension, or the affordable, precision-machined standard aluminium extension. Both options on Ultima sights feature a precision dovetail mount, locking down the sight securely in a repeatable position. Never worry about sight extension length or orientation again!
  • Proven success - no other sight has helped more archers win their spots on the podium in the international target circuit than Shibuya's Ultima and Dual Click sights

Shibuya Ultima II RC Carbon 485-9 with 9" carbon extension bar recurve target sight specs at a glance

  • 22.86cm or 9" carbon extension bar
  • 12.32 cm or 4.85" vertical frame
  • 8-32" sight pin included
  • Comes in right and left hand. Please specify RH or LH
  • Available in anodised colours of black and silver. Please specify colour choice. Also comes in anodised blue, red and gold colours which are not stocked colours, but can be special ordered. Please enquire
  • Also available in an aluminium extension sight model which is sold separately
  • Includes soft carrying case and metric Allen wrenches
  • Fold-out manual for installation and operation included

The choice of 4 out of 5 individual and mixed team gold medallists at the 2011 World Archery Championships

This is what people have said about the Shibuya Ultima II RC sight.

5 out of 5 stars. "Excellent long-term investment. The adjustments on this sight are easy and precise, the sight block is solid and well built, and the full assembly is completely silent on shooting. The only thing I'd change with this sight is the aperture, and I've already ordered my replacement." From Kyle from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Outstanding. My first sight purchase, and wanted to invest well, once, for the long-run. Very happy I made this choice. Extremely well-made and rock-solid sight. No vibration or sounds. Nice zippered case and tools." From Scott Mussett from USA

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