Saunders Buzz Off High Performance Slide-Silencer

Brand: Saunders

Improves speed and consistency

Saunders Buzz Off High Performance Slide-Silencer

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Saunders Buzz Off High Performance Slide-Silencer Description

If you are looking for the ultimate slide-silencer - you've found it. Buzz-Off snaps on in seconds replacing any slide, carrying cables under the rod. More and more archers are discovering the secret of Saunders Buzz-Off.

Buzz-Off sports a Hyper-Glide cable cradle and ultra low friction cable rod wheel. The Hyper-Glide cradle's flared cable ports and super slick, super quiet material reduce cable wear and is smoother and slicker than any other material used on slides and can only be found on the Saunders Buzz-Off slide.

Combining a wheel and Hyper-Glide cradle gives Buzz-Off the lowest rod friction, lowest cable wear and highest shooting consistency. But it goes on to deaden bow string twang, eliminating noise and vibration plus maximises cable life. More than a great slide, Buzz-Off deadens the bowstring. Add one to even a bow loaded with sound deadening equipment and hear and feel how much more you can lose.

The string's vibration, shock and twang sure meet their match when they come up against Buzz-Off's unique gel cap. The string dampening material cushion's Xvibe material absorbs shock like a black hole and eliminates overdraw slap. The gel is protected by a soft, durable synthetic sheath. To keep the cap dead-centered is a marvel of adjustability as the offset arm can be mounted from either side of the cable slide body, swing out or in and it can reach forwards or back, making a perfect fit a piece of cake. Rotating the cap's off centered shank provides fine tuning. Given these locking adjustments, fitting virtually any bow, is a piece of cake.

With easy installation, incredible slide and silencing performance, Buzz-Off is dead-on the mark.

Improves speed and consistency. Guaranteed the best. Available in black only. Buzz-Off Silencer - a Bow Silencer Slide In A Class By Itself!

Saunders - designing archery's future. Saunders Buzz-Off High Performance Slide-Silencer, unique gel cap, with Hyper-Glide Slide, 3-8".

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" refer to Archery Talk cable slide forums this is what all recommend" - Warrick from Moranbah QLD on 04/24/2015

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