Rinehart RhinoBlock XL Target 18inx18inx13in

Brand: Rinehart

Rinehart RhinoBlock XL has six sides, self healing, weatherproof foam, easy arrow removal without tearing or damaging target, takes repeated shots from field points, broadheads without losing shape, rope handle, lightweight and easy to carry

Rinehart RhinoBlock XL Target 18inx18inx13in

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Rinehart RhinoBlock XL Target 18inx18inx13in Description

The concept behind Rinehart's industry leading, solid self healing foam began in 1997 when John Rinehart, the company's founder, began using conventional archery targets. Disappointed in the durability and performance of what was available on the market, John looked elsewhere for something better.

He began working with foam and eventually came up with the compound that would become Rinehart's trade marked solid Rinehart "self-healing" foam.

In 1999, John founded Rinehart Targets, creating their iconic velociraptor animal and quickly moving on to a myriad of other incredibly lifelike and unique designs, all built with Rinehart's solid, self-healing foam.

In keeping with his commitment to shooters, Rinehart went on to create the first patented locking inserts for Rinehart 3D targets, extending the life and enjoyment of the company's popular designs.

Archers and bowhunters across the globe look to the experts at Rinehart Targets to design the most durable and effective target solutions on the market.

Rinehart's award-winning RhinoBlock target provides a solid self-healing, weatherproof foam block, features six sides to choose from, each engineered to meet individual practice needs.

2 display textured, lifelike 3D deer target zones are on two sides, for "real life" accuracy, one side showing the outlined vital areas of a deer and the other detailing an anatomically correct display of a deer's organs.

The remaining four faces of the target comprise Rinehart's signature, 40 high visibility conventional target zones, two with large targets for aiming and two with small targets for perfecting arrow placement and to allow shooters to continue target practice even in low light conditions.

Self-healing, weatherproof foam construction automatically seals arrow holes in seconds and stops field points, broadheads and expandables with ease and offers hassle free extraction with no layers or filler.

Mounting holes for easy elevation, allow you to hoist the target up in the air for varied shooting experiences, giving you the chance to practice all kinds of different shots.

There is an easy to replace patented replaceable insert or core for the RhinoBlock XL and RhinoBlock, which is available and sold separately.

  • Super-tough target ready for you to practice with and improve your aim
  • Six-sided, self healing foam construction to shoot at
  • Two vital areas for honing arrow placement
  • Four sides for field points, two sides for broadheads
  • 40 high-visibility target zones for practice in low light
  • Made of solid 'self-healing' foam with easy arrow pull technology without tearing or damaging the target
  • Takes repeated shots from field points, broadheads or even mechanicals without losing its shape or integrity
  • Convenient rope carry handle makes it a cinch to toss into the back of your ute or your boot
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Perfect for on-the-spot practice
  • Resistant to sun, moisture and extreme temperatures
  • A durable target that should last for years of use
  • Provides easy arrow removal
  • Dimensions 18" high x 18" wide x 13" deep or 45.7cm x 45.7cm x 33cm
  • Weighs 7.7kgs or 17 lbs
  • Use Arrow Lube - recommended until target is broken in
  • Replaceable solid self-healing cores or inserts are available and sold separately (see opposite)
  • Made in USA
  • Super tough like a rhino!

You'll find plenty of ways to hone your skills with the Rinehart RhinoBlock XL.

This is what people have said about the Rinehart RhinoBlock XL.

5 out of 5 stars. "Excellent product. Pros - Stops Arrows, Easy To Transport, Durable, Highly Visible. Use this target for everyday practice, love the way the holes seal after removal of arrows. I occasionally use Rage practice heads for the middle broadhead insert, they do a little more damage, the holes don't quite seal up, but I don't pull out material like I did with the foam block I used. This target also stopped a crossbow bolt pretty good with easy retrieval. This target has giving me high hopes that it will last a long time. I have bought the standing turkey target and awaiting its arrival to test it out and in the market for a Rinehart deer target." From glp1156 from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Great target. Pros - Stops Arrows, Durable, Easy To Transport, Highly Visible. I love this product. After shooting at my fiancˇ's target and seeing how well it stops arrows and how easy it is to pull them out, I had to have one. I was nervous using my home-made bag targets, now I don't have to be. I know this will stop the arrows. It is light and durable, perfect for setting up at all ranges. The different sides always keep the shooting interesting. I would highly recommend any archer to get this target." From ScooterJ1091 from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Great Target for all Archery! Pros - Highly Visible, Durable, Stops Arrows, Easy To Transport. Product is stout and easy to transport. Stops heavy and light arrows that are going well over 300 FPS. Arrows are slightly tough to pull at first but nothing major and they get easier each time as the foam gets used. The holes just fill in after you pull the arrow - awesome." From Archery Fan, from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Best target I have purchased. Advantages - Durability, performs well, quality, removable broadhead insert, lots of target spots. Disadvantages - Price. This is by far one of the best targets I have purchased! I was hesitant to spend a lot on a target, but I'm glad I did, because none of the other targets I have purchased in the past have had a removable insert. I put over 100 broadhead shots into only one side of the insert last year. I plan on shooting out the other side of the insert this year and purchasing a new insert next year. There is no way to prevent tearing up any target when using broadheads, but this one withstood more punishment with them than any targets I have purchased in the past. My girlfriend and I both shoot carbon arrows and removal has been a breeze for both of us." From Bowtech101 from USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Very Very Good. Advantages - Ease of use, Durability, Performs well, Value for money, Quality. Bought this target to replace my yellow jacket field point target. I kinda had a hard time wrapping my head around spending a lot on a target but I'm glad I bought it! Shot over 100 arrows in it so far and it's been a day and a half. Replaceable core for broadheads is definitely a plus and the self healing foam is like magic! Only thing I DON'T LIKE and really not that big of a deal is 1, the green dots are the same colour as my 20 yard pin on my spot hogg. 2, arrow removal isn't really hard, but not 2 finger removal either. I found it easier to kneel on the target opposite from the arrows and pull them out. Great target! Well worth the price!" From shallowminded from Upper Gulf Coast, Texas, USA

5 out of 5 stars. "Best Target I Have Ever Used. Advantages - Ease of use, Durability, Performs well, Value for money, Quality, self healing foam. I purchased this target for its self healing foam and durability in the sun and rain for when its just sitting in the backyard. It exceeded my expectations. The foam heals fast and you can't even see the entry hole once it seals up. Arrow removal is very easy with just one hand and I found out that if the target sits out in the sun the foam gets softer for even more easy arrow removal. The hand rope is very loose woven so you can shoot arrows through it without any damage to the handle. You also have 6 sides to shoot at! Without a doubt the best target on the market. This target pays for itself overtime." From camofreak from Port St Lucie, Florida, USA

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