Rinehart Anatomy Deer

Brand: Rinehart

Realistic, life-like, for more challenging shots, get a Rinehart game target, highest quality, nicely detailed impeccable markings, easy to see lines, IBO approved, superb arrow stopping, weatherproof, solid self-healing foam, arrows quickly & easily removed, will outlast many other targets

Rinehart Anatomy Deer

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Rinehart Anatomy Deer Description

Be ready to make the right shot when that prize buck is in your sights by preparing with a Rinehart 3D Anatomy Deer Target which teaches shot placement.

Is it real, or is it Rinehart? When it comes to life-sized, realistic three dimensional foam deer archery targets, experienced archers know that, from body positioning to anatomically accurate vitals, Rinehart is as real as it gets.

A perfectly executed shot only counts if it hits the right place.

Accurate anatomical practice is critical to a bowhunter's success.

This target helps you develop the skills you need to be accurate and deadly when bow season comes near.

The combination of a painted full colour heart and lung vitals on one side and an outlined side are perfect to learn, practice, then judge proper arrow placement for a clean ethical shot.

Like all Rinehart targets, the Anatomy Deer is made with the highest quality, virtually all weatherproof solid self-healing foam to quickly stop even the fastest incoming carbon, aluminium or wood arrow.

Pulling arrows should not be so strenuous and with Rinehart targets it has never been easier. No lubricant. No gimmicks. No pullers needed. Within 10 seconds, arrow holes heal themselves. Complete target integrity is restored when arrow is quickly and easily removed.

Rinehart targets will outlast many others, look the best and are made with a shooter's needs in mind.

The weather-resistant durable foam has no layers and no fillers, so when you remove your arrow, the arrow slides out - no lubricant or arrow pullers needed and leaves the foam in the target.

Rinehart's exclusive arrow-stopping, self-healing foam and rugged "Uni-Body" assembly process combine to make this 3D target ideal for year round use in the backyard or in the field.

The solid self-healing foam construction is resistant to the damaging effects of ultra violet rays.

This unique deer target presents realistic shot angles and promotes realistic shooting skills you'll need to be accurate and deadly when bow season begins.

Anatomy Deer features realistic vitals of heart, lung, diaphragm, liver, stomach and intestines to help you train and deliver the perfect shot in the field. Shooting practice has never felt so real with this life-like big game target.

Scoreable markings indicate proper arrow placement.

  • Shows vitals of heart, lung, diaphragm, liver, stomach and intestines
  • Outlined vital area on one side
  • Can be shot at a 45 degree angle
  • Realistic three dimensional foam deer archery target
  • Easy arrow pull
  • Self-healing foam for long life
  • Durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Allows you to practice realistic shot angles
  • Realistic vitals help you train for the perfect shot
  • Broadhead friendly
  • Shoulder height - 28" or 71cm
  • Body length 29" or 73.7cm
  • Simulated weight 95 lbs or 43 kgs
  • Made in USA

Be prepared for that shot of a lifetime by practicing on the best 3D target on the market today.

Deer at a glance

  • Conservation Status - Least Concern
  • Zoological or species name - Odocoileus virginianus
  • Also known as - Virginia deer
  • Native to - Continental United States
  • Head & body length - 70" or 178cm
  • Shoulder height - 32" to 34" or 78cm to 88cm
  • Weight range 105 lbs to 242 lbs or 47.6 kgs to 109.8 kgs
  • Speed - 30 mph or 48 kph
  • Population est - 30 million

This is what people have said about the Rinehart Broadhead Buck Target.

"Absolutely the best 3D target I've ever shot. This is just a great target, the best I've ever tried. Whereas other targets' foam has an almost styrofoam feel to them, Rinehart's foam is very thick. Even though it is thick foam, it is very easy to pull your arrows and the holes close up, as others have said. I believe the target is made of one solid piece, legs and head included, so if you make a bad shot you don't have an arrow stuck in the rod that runs through the legs of other targets. This buck is a bit small, about the size of a large fawn, but if you can consistently hit this in the vitals at 40 yards, a shooter buck should be no problem at half the distance, right? In fact, for being small, it is quite heavy, more so than bigger 3D targets from other companies. That gives you an idea how dense the foam is. All in all, a fantastic product and I will never buy another 3D brand other than Rinehart." 5 out of 5 stars. From BriR of Western Wisconsin, USA

"One Good Job Rinehart! I absolutely believe that this target and other Rinehart targets are the best on the market today. You get exactly what you pay for and the durability of Rinehart targets are unmatched. I would suggest in spending a little more extra money and buy this quality target. I also have the 18 to 1 target and have yet to have had a pass through. My wife can even pull the arrows out of the target. Overall great product." 5 out of 5 stars. From Officer Holmes of North eastern Pennsylvania, USA.

"Awsome! This is the best 3D target that I have ever had. I had always bought the cheaper targets in the past. I am glad that I spent the extra money for this one. The quality of the target is much better than the cheaper ones. I have had this target for a year now and have put a lot of arrows in it but you can hardly tell that its even been shot. The foam heals back very soon after removing the arrow. I also like the realistic vital area. Great for learning proper shot placement. I feel very confident that this target will last for many years to come." 5 out of 5 stars. From bstevens of NETN, USA

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