ScentBlocker Original Clothes & Boot Spray 24 fl oz or 708ml

Brand: ScentBlocker

ScentBlocker prevents your odour from being detected in the bush, allowing for closer shot opportunities

ScentBlocker Original Clothes & Boot Spray 24 fl oz or 708ml

ScentBlocker Original Clothes & Boot Spray 24 fl oz or 708ml Description

Every hard core bowhunter knows how important it is to reduce your scent while you are out in the scrub. It could be the difference between watching that huge deer's tail or drawing your bow for a broadside shot at 15 metres or 16.5 yards.

ScentBlocker Original Clothes and Boot Spray provides extreme scent protection, keeping game unaware of your presence and allowing for closer shot opportunities.

This spray does prevent your odour from being detected in the field.

Scent Shield Original Clothes and Boot Human Scent Eliminator Spray from the ScentBlocker range, is made in the USA by Robinson Outdoor Products, acknowledged as a leader in the scent elimination field and was the first scent elimination spray ever introduced to the hunting industry.

It's game changing properties are now incorporated into a spray liquid to destroy odour by both chemical neutralisation and with a strong odour adsorption capacity - an effective odour control, unlike any other product available.

The more impressive the prey, the smarter, more sensitive and quicker they are to react. To get close, having a scent-reduced body, gear and attire is critical.

ScentBlocker's Original Human Scent Eliminator features the original molecular level elimination technology, which is part of the most intelligent, effective and simplest way to neutralise odours and the gas you generate and collect throughout the day. Liberally spray directly on caps, clothing and boots, paying particular attention to sweat glands, inside cap, under arms of T shirt, socks, groin, bow grip, release aid, backpack, treestand and other hunting gear that may hold human scent. Remember to re-apply to clothing prior to each day's hunt and after periods of high activity.

This spray stops you from creating any odours and makes odours undetectable. No Gas - No Odour.

It's fanatical, obsessive hunting made just a little easier to help you succeed incredibly.

Robinson Outdoor Products' ScentBlocker has you covered from the inside out with their entire line of scent control products. With supplements to optimise and reduce odour in your body internally, to cleanse and remove odour externally, to clean and care for your garments, to scent eliminating sprays, to lures and attractants, nothing gets you closer than ScentBlocker.

  • ScentBlocker technology scent control is stronger, for longer
  • Allows for closer shot opportunities
  • Neutralises human odour on contact instantly and adsorbs human scent and other odours
  • Use on hunting clothing, boots, blinds and other hunting equipment
  • Removes human odour on clothes & boots
  • Eliminates odour or the formation of gas
  • Superior scent control, wet or dry
  • ScentBlocker spray represents ten years of research and development
  • Prevents your odour from being detected in the field
  • Comes in a convenient 24 ounce or 708ml spray bottle

ScentBlocker - "Close Enough to Kill"

ScentBlocker's Clothes and Boot Human Scent Eliminator Spray takes scent control to the next level.

  • Start fanatically
  • Hunt obsessively
  • Succeed incredibly

Please note ScentBlocker Original Clothes & Boot Spray, the centre item in the image, is only offered for sale here.

This is what people have said about Scent Blocker Spray.

"Great product. Sprayed it on my clothes the day before and then on my boots the afternoon of the hunt. Had 8 deer walk up from downwind and never picked up my scent. They even walked up the trail I had used to get to my treestand and didn't have a clue." 44stx from Ohio, USA. 4 out of 5 stars.

"I would buy this product again. Easy instructions and easy to use. Product works great. Would buy and use product again." From Chris the hunter from Mechanicville, New York, USA. 4 out of 5 stars.

"Works well to rid a hunter of scent. Have gotten inside of 15 yards of several white tails with this spray!" From Mr Gib from Vilonia, Arizona, USA

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