Primos Still Jackrabbit Predator Call

Brand: Primos

If you want a call that will bring them in, then you need the Primos Still Jackrabbit Predator Call

Primos Still Jackrabbit Predator Call

Primos Still Jackrabbit Predator Call Description

This fine call precisely reproduces a clear, low-pitched raspy scream of a jackrabbit in distress is irresistible to lure in predators. This call is also very versatile for luring predators. Great for calling in coyotes and foxes.

Simply vary the air pressure to change the volume.

Still jackrabbit call produces distress cries to call predators.

The Primos Still Jackrabbit Predator Call is great for long or close range calling. Call predators at long range by blowing hard or at close range by blowing softly.

This call can be used hands free and is simple and convenient to use. Hands-free option keeps you ready with your bow fully drawn.

Works great in all parts - north, south, east or west. Weighs a mere 22.7 grams or 0.8 oz.

Keep a watchful eye out in all directions, stay hidden and keep movement to a minimum. If an animal comes in while you are calling, it's best to stop and let him come in close. If he stops too far out, a few short calls will usually bring him closer. Comes with tips and instructions.

Place the call in the "V" between your thumb and index finger. Close your remaining fingers around the call, forming a loose fit. By opening and closing your fist as you use the call, you reproduce the sounds distressed Jackrabbits make as they open and close their mouths while calling.

Whines - Gently blow into the call. Each call is about two to three seconds in length. Blow in a series for 10-30 seconds creating a "Waaaaaaaaaaa-waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" sound.

Screams - The Jackrabbit's distressed scream is a loud, continuous and uncontrolled call. Each call is about two to three seconds in length. Blow in a series loudly for 10-15 seconds and repeat. Use the scream to gain the predator's interest from both short and long distances.

Hands free - For right-handed shooters, insert the call in the left side of your mouth at an angle. For left-handed shooters, insert the call in the right side of your mouth at an angle. Practice this and then draw your bow to ensure that you have proper clearance before shooting.

Night calling can give very good results because this is the time most predators do their hunting. Calling at night is illegal in some areas. Be sure to check out the game laws before calling.

Predator calling, like any other form of hunting, will have good and bad days, so don't give up too easily. This call is inexpensive but effective and over time you will improve your technique.

Warning - Primos game calls are so accurate that you might attract other hunters, as well as game. So keep your eyes wide open at all times during operation of the call. Made in the USA.

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This is what people have said about the Primos Still Jackrabbit Predator Call.

"Nice call! Loud, easy to use, sounds good. I would buy this call again." From NW of Iowa, USA

"Primos is the only way to go. Very easy to use, sounds good and is nice and loud. I give it a 4 out of 5." From Adam of Sibley, Iowa, USA

"Call also worked great for coyotes and bobcats. I have used the expensive calls but not with the success as with this call. I have had it for about 6 months and have had successful harvests every trip out. I do bundle this call with a wounded rabbit decoy (for sight movement) and the combo seems to be the perfect set-up." From Tim of Savannah, Missouri, USA

Model Status: Superseded

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