Primos Hog Grunter Hunting Call

Brand: Primos

If you want a call that will bring them in, then you need the Primos Hog Grunter Hunting Call

Primos Hog Grunter Hunting Call

Primos Hog Grunter Hunting Call Description

Hog grunts are made by both boars and sows.

The Hog Grunter is designed to allow the caller to imitate the grunts of boars and sows.

The grunts of a wild hog sound very much like those of a domestic pig.

Because of the wild hog's strong pack instinct and its curious nature, they will often investigate the sounds of other hogs squealing or grunting.

The Hog Grunter Hunting Call features

  • Great for close-in calling
  • Reproduces the grunting sounds of boars and sows
  • Flexible hose for tone and volume adjustments
  • Extra loud for long range or softer when they are close
  • Adjustable reed assembly from grunts to bleats
  • Great call with accurate sound
  • Appeals to the pack instinct of a hog

Primos Specialty Hunting Calls have a lifetime service guarantee - "Speak the language".

Hog Grunter is 15cm or 6" long.

To make hog grunts, simply cup both hands over the open end of the grunt hose to lower the tone of your grunts. Blow a soft, short - half to 1 second series of grunts. Blow a series of grunts lasting one to two minutes.

Repeat this every 10-15 minutes.

The first few should be loud and at random. You must convey the feeling of contentment by the foraging animal.

Slowly decrease the volume as if the animal is tiring or moving away and finish with a few faint grunts. After a minute or so, repeat the process.

Keep a watchful eye out in all directions, stay hidden and keep movement to a minimum. If an animal comes in while you are calling, it's best to stop and let him come in close. If he stops too far out, a few short grunts will usually bring him closer.

Because wild hogs are social creatures, they'll often get curious and investigate when they hear other pigs nearby. Use this call to lure porkers from cover and close the distance for your shot.

Night calling can give very good results because this is the time most predators do their hunting. Calling at night is illegal in some areas. Be sure to check out the game laws before calling.

Predator calling, like any other form of hunting, will have good and bad days, so don't give up too easily. This call is inexpensive but effective and over time you will improve your technique.

It is very important to know that wild pigs have poor eyesight, but their hearing is good and their sense of smell is excellent.

Warning - Primos game calls are so accurate that you might attract other hunters, as well as game. So keep your eyes wide open at all times during operation of the call. Made in USA.

Model Status: Superseded

The Primos Hog Grunter Hunting Call has been replaced by the
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