Pine Ridge Nitro Whiskers Two Tone Colours 2 pack

Brand: Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge Nitro Whiskers in 5 colours, dampen string noise and vibration, produce faster bow speeds, durable and long lasting, easy to install

Pine Ridge Nitro Whiskers Two Tone Colours 2 pack

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Pine Ridge Nitro Whiskers Two Tone Colours 2 pack Description

Pine Ridge Nitro Whiskers (commonly known as "Cats Whiskers" as, once the whiskers have been shot, they resemble the whiskers of a cat) are a proven method to reduce bow noise by dampening string noise and oscillation and produce faster bow speeds.

The Nitro Whiskers have taken an existing concept and improved upon it.

The material is durable and will provide a long life on your bow.

With 5 exciting color choices, you are sure to find one that matches your bow and accessories perfectly.

Rubberized string & cable silencers attach to the bowstring or cable to dramatically reduce vibration noise. Simply slide through the string or tie around the string.

Durable, water-proof, living rubber whiskers deliver essential silencing action without balling up or collecting leaves and burrs.

All rubber material is fully waterproof. Ideal for wet conditions.

Tangle-free and lightweight.

Easy to use, simply tie the 2 strips around your bow string and within a few shots, the strips will separate into numerous strands. Alternatively after installing, you can cut the ends of each strip with a scissors and the strips will separate into strands.

  • Catwhiskers - proven to dramatically reduce string noise and vibration

  • Dampen unwanted bow noise
  • Produces faster bow speeds
  • Waterproof - ideal in wet conditions
  • Will not tangle, collect leaves, debris or burrs
  • Add a touch of colour to your string
  • Durable and long lasting, yet lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Popular string silencers - do a great job

Sold as two strips per pack of whiskers string silencers, 5 inches in length, in nine attractive colours of

  • Silver/Black
  • Red/Black
  • Blue/Black
  • Pink/Black
  • Orange/Black
  • Purple/Black
  • Yellow/Black
  • Lime Green/Black
  • Camo

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