Ozcut Elite Series 2 blade broadhead 3 pack

OZ Cut Broadheads the ultimate durable broadhead that will withstand any punishment, shot after shot, giving you maximum penetration and confidence for that once in a lifetime shot

Ozcut Elite Series 2 blade broadhead 3 pack

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Ozcut Elite Series 2 blade broadhead 3 pack Description

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From humble beginnings and designed out of necessity, Ozcut Elite Series Broadheads were designed to withstand the most adverse of conditions and punishment a broadhead can come across in the bush.

Oz-Cut is the end result after rigorous field testing, designing and engineering.

Contact with bone, rocks or dirt, historically has seen inferior brands of broadheads fail and be totally unusable afterwards.

Oz Cut has recognised this as a major flaw with other broadheads and has utilised state of the art technologies and materials to create the ultimate broadhead that will withstand any punishment, shot after shot, giving you maximum confidence in your setup for when that once in a lifetime opportunity arises.

Being a CNC machined broadhead, OZCUT Broadheads are created with the most accurate technologies available, allowing them to not only be super durable, but also have field point accuracy straight from the packet!

OZ CUT were designed right in the beautiful Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia.

With the extensive testing OZ-CUT has done, field point accuracy to 82 metres or 90 yards has been achieved with heads straight out of the packet. This combined with the sheer strength and durability of this design puts them as a serious broadhead that is up for any Aussie game animal and will not let you down.

With the following features, a quiver full of Ozcut Elite Series Broadheads puts you one step ahead of the game!

  • Tough and deadly accurate
  • Solid, durable one piece construction
  • Aggressive bone splitting tanto tip
  • Screw in solid two blade
  • 1.75 inches or 44.45mm long
  • Cutting diameter 1.0625 inch or 27mm
  • Field point accuracy
  • Built with maximum penetration
  • Rear cutting blades for maximum wound channels
  • No vents for silent flight
  • 48 Rockwell C hardness
  • Designed for re-use
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Come in a three pack, shrink wrapped on a card to keep broadheads from touching each other and to retain sharpness
  • Available in 100 grains only
  • Made by bowhunters for bowhunters

Oz-Cut, Australian owned one piece CNC machined screw in 2 blade OZCUT Broadheads 3 pack. Try some yourself, you will be impressed with the accuracy and durability of an OZ CUT.

Tough, deadly accurate and durable, but don't just take OZ-CUT's word for it, try them for yourself today and see what you have been missing out on.

This is what people have said about Ozcut Broadheads.

5 out of 5 stars. "I have a quiver full of these at the moment. They are an excellent product. The tolerances used in machining these are so tight - all the heads are completely consistent. I reckon this style of broadhead is the best suited for the majority of Australian hunting. They are easy to sharpen and hit like sledge hammers. Congrats Oz-Cut Broadheads, I will be buying more." From Luke Beamon from NSW, Australia

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