Delta 3D Animal Targets take over Abbeys top floor


Delta 3D Animal Targets take over Abbeys top floor

Dec 05: Some 2 months late, on Christmas Eve, a 40 foot sea container-the biggest container we have ever received, finally arrived, full to the brim with 3D (three dimensional) animals, practice layered block, bag & foam targets from Delta Sports Products. (If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox as your browser, hover your cursor over each image to read the photo captions) We've been waiting since 7am - its now 9.45 and they have finally arrivedWe don’t seem to be making much of an impression...Do you 2 want a hand in there?Whenever we receive a large shipment, we always joke that this is a customer magnet as invariably when all hands are needed on deck to unload the order, customers arrive at our pro shop at that very time-but we are not complaining as we always love to see folks. It is getting very we want four Boars' heads, not four Deer behindsWe were most grateful for the fantastic help provided by our very valued dealer, Mitch of Lakeside Archery Supplies and his friend Greg who toiled in the full sun, throughout the whole 4 or so hours it took to unpack the container and store all the animals and targets away.

Buffalos, Deer, Lynx, Bears…it's like a jigsaw

Our mezzanine floor resembles a zoo, but not for long, as we have received many orders & enquiries, so we do not expect these targets to last. Now we'll have to work fast to get these assembled and stacked awayIn our Delta range, we are keeping in stock

I have counted those Boars four times and I still get 74, not 75
  • 20 varieties of animals
  • 4 of critters (Raccoon, Porcupine, Red Fox and Woodchuck or groundhog, unfamiliar in Australia, but the major hole-digging mammal over much of eastern North America)
  • 5 vitals (portions that easily slip in to the target to replace the shot out section of the animal)
  • 7 round targets made of Ethafoam, a wound closing material that is made especially for recurve archers
  • square targets made of medium density foam especially popular for backyard target practiceThat missing Boar has to be hiding away somewhere

Delta Sports Products, the No 2 target manufacturer in the world, announced on 1st December 2005, that it had purchased the No 1 target company, McKenzie Targets Some Boars all lined up in a row with their wrapped tusksand with the merger, will move all manufacturing to the Delta plant, Fearsome but impressive Grizzly Bear…those teeth are somethingbut still keep the McKenzie warehousing facility to service customers on the US east coast.

Standing Black Bears are a Broadway stage act…glad we won't cross them on a dark night

We are very excited about this merger and wish Delta every success. Oh, that's so comfy, lying on my walking Brown Bear brothersThis means Abbey will now represent and stock McKenzie Targets in addition to Delta Targets.Realistic, life-like 3D Targets for bowhunting practiceDelta always allows archers to take their best shot

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