Abbey Archery appointed Hoyt Distributor


Abbey Archery appointed Hoyt Distributor

Jan 07: Abbey Archery is very proud to announce that we have been appointed a Hoyt and FUSE distributor for Australia and is now stocking and distributing the Hoyt range of compound and recurve bows and FUSE archery accessories. (If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox as your browser, hover your cursor over each image to read the photo captions)

Hoyt Archery Co was established in 1931 by the late Earl Hoyt Senior and Hoyt has enjoyed enviable records in Olympic, target, field and 3D archery and other world tournaments. Hoyt warmly welcomed at Abbey ArcherySome Hoyt achievements

  • 1982 Hoyt introduced its first compound bow
  • 1996 Hoyt invented the first split limb
  • 1999 Hoyt introduced the first diecast magnesium riser

As the CEO of Hoyt, Randy Walk comments " we’ll remain 100% committed to building the most innovative and technically advanced equipment for serious archers and bowhunters worldwide". Hoyt banner soars above our warehouse and joins our other great bow brands - the start of a long and happy relationship

Hoyt’s 2007 line up has 11 new models and includes the Pro Elite, Ultra Elite, Montega, 38 Ultra, 38 Pro, Vectrix XL, Vulcan, Vectrix, Trykon, Avenger, Selena, Trykon Sport and Trykon Junior in the compound range in many attractive target colours, draw weights and draw lengths. Hoyt have a compound bow to suit your specific and exacting needs.

Hoyt has Helix and Nexus recurve handles and G3, M1, CRX and Epic recurve limbs and the GameMaster II recurve bow. Get Serious, Get Hoyt

Hoyt gets serious in Australia and New Zealand

Launched just over two years ago, FUSE is an exciting range of accessories including Sights, Arrow Rests, Quivers, Stabilizers, Broadheads and Strings with StringShox. In that time, bowhunters have made the change to FUSE accessories and with that change has come success. At FUSE, the philosophy is not only to build high-end precision accessories that perform flawlessly, but silently as well.

After all, in bowhunting, silence undoubtedly equates to success. So much of the excess noise and vibration is created from the accessories that have been bolted onto the bow. But through all of the years, accessories have always remained the same. FUSE are a group of passionate bowhunters who knew there was a better way. And so it was, through countless hours of research, design and product testing in the field, that the FUSE brand was born. A complete accessory line proven to reduce noise and vibration. FUSE accessories. Advanced gear for competitive bowhunters.

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