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Team Abbey Archery Hooter Shooters

Jan 07: From its beginnings of two shooters in 2001 to 15 members in 2007, our sponsored shooting team, Team Abbey Archery Hooter Shooters has grown and the team is firmly established and actively promotes our products at shoots in a most professional manner, which directly benefits the archery fraternity and our dealers, Team Abbey Archery Hooter Shooters at the ABA Nationals in Charleville central Queensland 6th August 2003 - see the black dot on the map behind the Team! by exposing our products to a much larger audience, who would otherwise not have the opportunity to see, assess or try new archery products. (If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox as your browser, hover your cursor over each image to read the photo captions)

The Team was formed in 2001 by our National Sales Manager, Brian who has been involved in archery since he first picked up an Indian fibreglass bow as a young boy.

Our Brisbane store Manager, Jeanette & her family (all of the family are archers) and our dealer, Simon Gallen, of Wingen Archer Supplies, are all members of our shooting team and attended the Norfolk Island archery championships in July 2005. This was our first tentative offshore step for our shooting team.

Hooter Shooters Team Abbey Archery Hooter Shooters get together at Abbey Archery on 13th November 2004 to meet Tony, Diane and Michael. can be seen at a lot of tournaments in their colourful and distinctive yellow and red Team Abbey Archery Hooter Shooters shirts and each member has a unique team number which is retained by them so long as they remain a member of the Hooter Shooters and that number will not be used again, similar to the way members of the Australian Cricket Team retain their unique team number throughout their career. Team members come from all walks of life and reside in each mainland state along the east coast of Australia and are always happy to answer questions, provide advice or assistance or bring small items ordered along to a shoot. A great Aussie spirit of camaraderie is evident at shoots from lending a hand if gear breaks or needs repair, pitching a tent or cooking for the masses. There have been many happy memories around campfires of small and tall tales, songs and enjoying fine company.

Team Abbey Archery Hooter Shooter current 2007 team members comprise

  • 1. Brian "Hooter" Westerhout, South Queensland
  • 3. Katie Dowd, Central Queensland
  • 5. Kev Dowd, Queensland
  • 6. Aaron Tomkins, South Queensland
  • 8. Simon Gallen, New South Wales
  • 9. Jeanette Dowd, Queensland
  • 10. Shayna Dowd, Queensland
  • 12. Jeff Bell, Victoria
  • 13. Mark Burrows, Victoria
  • 14. Liz Guthrie, Queensland
  • 15. Brett Pinkerton, New South Wales
  • 17. John McKay, South Queensland
  • 18. Todd Youngs, Queensland
  • 19. Scott Youngs, Queensland
  • 20. Ed Wilson, New South Wales {formally of Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada}.

Team members have been successful at State, National & International Championships and we are very proud of the team's overall achievements.

Hooter Shooter Team Shirt Back.Hooter Shooter Team Shirt Front

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