DoskoSport Bow Cases arrive in 40ft high-cubed sea container


DoskoSport Bow Cases arrive in 40ft high-cubed sea container

Mar 07: Some 4 months after placing our order, its transhipment via the Panama Canal and Singapore, Abbey Archery’s 40 foot high-cubed container finally arrived into our Sydney warehouse. This is the biggest container we have ever received with in excess of 500 hard cases from DoskoSport (formerly Doskocil).

We have brought in 40 foot containers before, but never a high-cubed, which allows additional space - just what’s needed to pack in extra cases. A large part of the cost of importing into Australia is the sea freight to transport goods from the USA and Europe and our local port charges. We minimise our freight costs by purchasing in bulk and loading a full container and pass these savings on to you, our valued customer.

With the excellent help of our very valued dealer, Mitch of Lakeside Archery Supplies, in just over one and a half hours, the container was unloaded (a record for us) but it took another 4 hours to stow the cases away on every pallet rack we could find. We have encroached on our 4 fully rotating 36 jig fletching tables section, just to fit the bow cases in. And talking of fit, all of us are a lot fitter after moving these babies in our hot Australian summer, each case needed to be handled individually from the container to the warehouse to the pallet rack.

From its beginnings in Ben Doskocil’s garage in 1961, DoskoSport in Texas, USA, has expanded to 1.3 million square feet of office, manufacturing, and distribution facilities, employing over 1,000 employees with sales of US$250m pa. For more than 40 years, DoskoSport has made all types of cases including firearms, archery and golf travel cases as well as pet containment cases (through their Petmate division, portable kennels, dog homes, feeders, pet bedding, litter maintenance and toys, storage and kennels.) DoskoSport’s slogan is quite apt :'Sportsmen have been on our case for forty years'.

These quality cases suit our harsh Australian conditions and will protect your bow and accessories for years to come and are airline approved. They are so sturdy that they can withstand heavy treatment and come through intact. We have in stock at both our Sydney and Brisbane stores, the DoskoSport range of bow cases including

  • Deluxe single and double bow cases in black (the top of the range)
  • SE Pro Series 44 single bow cases in camo or platinum and double in black
  • SE 44 Single bow cases in camo or black
  • FL Field Locker 36 arrow capacity arrow cases

If you own a bow, you owe it to yourself to protect your investment with a hard bow case. A bow case is a must and avoids any damage to your bow, sight, rest, scope or arrows and ensures that your string and cable are not subjected to stretching from being exposed to our hot sun. Get your hard case today.

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