Whisker Biscuits and Trophy Ridge are finally in Australia


Whisker Biscuits and Trophy Ridge are finally in Australia
by AbbeyArchery.com.au

Nov 07: We have been waiting for some time for this latest shipment of Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit and Drop Zone arrow rests, sights and broadheads to arrive in Australia.

Carolina Archery Products who invented world famous Whisker Biscuit arrow rests, was purchased by Escalade Sports whose archery brands also include Bear Archery, Jennings Archery and Satellite. Trophy Ridge was purchased in February 2007 by Escalade and enjoys high recognition among bow hunting enthusiasts.

Trophy Ridge make a range of vertical pin bow sights, Drop Zone arrow rests and Rocket Aerohead Bunker Buster, Ultimate Steel and Steelhead broadheads.

The Whisker Biscuit arrow rest is the most selected, number one selling arrow rest in the world and now marketed by Trophy Ridge. We carry a full line of Whisker Biscuit Quick Shot rests including the Original, Drop Tine, Deluxe and both replacement biscuit kits. Whisker Biscuits are hot property and many dealers around Australia stock Whisker Biscuits.

Carolina's popular Foxfire triple pin fibre optic sight with sight light, no tool pin adjustment, ultra lightweight and laser etched markings is at a fantastic price of just $115.

New to our range are Trophy Ridge's exclusive Vertical In-line pin technology sights which dramatically increases field of view and reduces set-up time. Matrix GS sight, which is top of the line, continues to receive rave reviews and it is little wonder when you see what is on offer. Matrix comes standard with precision adjust, no tool pin adjustment and with harmonic damper and in camo at just under $150. Matrix is ready for anything a bowhunter can throw at it. It would be hard to find any other major US sight with all of these features at that price.

Even Trophy Ridge's Flatliner, their entry level sight has 5 pins and has no tool pin adjustment, but is in black to keep the price down to just on $80. All Trophy Ridge sights have the exclusive five in line vertical pins for multiple aiming points and to dramatically increase your field of view because all pins are in a row - not taking up space in your aiming pin guard ring. The well priced mid range EZ Universal at just $119.95 is also in black.

DropZone rests are the only fall-away rests that drop vertically. Consistently quick, quiet and unobstructed, DropZone is a favourite among fall-away rest users and is in a class of its own as a fall away coming with dampener and a vertical launcher arm that drops at a 90 degree angle away from the arrow. You can hold the bow at extreme angles and your arrow won't fall off your Drop Zone.

Rocket Aeroheads' Bunker Buster and Ultimate Steel fixed blades and Steelhead mechanical blades are innovative broadheads that fly just like a field point. Practice with a field point, screw on one of these heads and go hunting - all without re-sighting your bow.

Trophy Ridge's Bunker Buster fixed blade broadhead slides over the arrow shaft to make it as one with your arrow providing greater strength, accuracy and more power to penetrate.

Another offering is Rocket Aerohead Ultimate Steel broadheads which come in 75, 100 and 125 grain with Bacon Skinner blades - unmatched for razor sharpness and can handle anything from boars to big game and well priced at $49.95 for a 6 pack.

Rocket Aerohead Steelhead mechanical blade broadheads with blades honed to razor sharpness, fly exactly like a field point with a powerful cutting diameter and a low profile but extremely lethal - it is one heck of a mechanical broadhead.

Trophy Ridge are hard at work developing other innovations and the years ahead are going to be one high performance, innovative ride. Great innovations come naturally to Trophy Ridge who believe their purpose is to advance the art of bow hunting. Stay tuned - there are even more great innovations coming. Trophy Ridge are just getting started!

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