Delta and McKenzie 3D animal block and bag targets have arrived


Delta and McKenzie 3D animal block and bag targets have arrived

Dec 07: We placed our order of 148 3D animal targets and 519 ShotBlocker, TuffBlock, DeadStop bag and Arrowstop economy targets with Delta and McKenzie, what seems like a long time ago. (If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox as your browser, hover your cursor over each image to read the photo captions) Actually it was in late October and our order has proceeded with blinding pace compared to many of our other orders this past year. 7am start means we can get it unloaded before it gets hot

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Delta have done a beaut packing job  this is full

With military precision, our 40 foot high cubed container arrived at Delta's warehouse in Reinbeck, Iowa, USA 2 hours to unpack container  you can hardly moveand was loaded with targets and started its long journey by road, rail and sea to Australia. With a high cubed container, we were able to pack more targets in and this helps reduce the high freight costs. Container truck has left - now to assemble and stack them all away

The shipment was road and rail freighted across 6 states - more than half way across the US continent to the Seattle sea terminal on the West Coast and set sail on a 16,000 miles voyage to Singapore and transhipment to Sydney. We are Open - but just, with ShotBlockers stacked upNormally our container can sit in Singapore up to 2 weeks to catch a ship to Sydney, but as it turned out, we were very lucky with it moving within a day or two of its arrival in Singapore.

Bags and 3D animals all lined up to be packed away

We could hardly believe our ears when our shipping agents advised our container was arriving a week earlier than scheduled.

It seems like every archery club around the country has been ringing, enquiring 'when does your Delta order arrive?' I reckon that once this news gets out, there will be some people asking if their order can be despatched before Christmas. We do hope to be able to attend to orders and will do our very best to oblige. Those coyotes do look uglyHowever this is Christmas, a very busy time with customers buying that bow they have been planning to buy all year - "can you get it here before Christmas?" is the recurring question we're asked.

We have brought in for the first time the famous McKenzie animals - African Impala, African Blesbok, African Leopard, African Warthog, Aim-Rite Bear, Natra-Look (NL) Climbing Bear, NL Standing Bear, Bobcat, NL Mountain Lion, Alligator, Hunters Buck II, Fallow Deer, NL Wild Boar, Corsican Sheep and NL Gobbling Turkey and some new Delta animals - Elite Mountain Lion, Broadhead Buck and Carp. So this is a Fox Den and more BlocksThe full list of animals is :

  • Elite Antelope
  • African Impala
  • African Blesbok
  • African Leopard
  • African Warthog
  • Aim-Rite Bear
  • Standing Black Bear
  • Elite Walking Brown Bear
  • NL Climbing Bear
  • NL Standing Bear
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Rutting Buffalo
  • Caribou
  • Bobcat
  • Elite Mountain Lion
  • NL Mountain Lion Hey boys, we are over here
  • Canadian Lynx
  • Timberwolf
  • Alligator
  • Hunters Buck II
  • Bedded Maxim Whitetail Buck
  • Maxim Medium Whitetail Buck
  • Broadhead Buck
  • Elite Alert Whitetail Buck
  • Elite Sneak Whitetail Buck
  • Elite Mule Deer Buck
  • Elite Trophy Whitetail Buck
  • Fallow Deer
  • Alert Coyote
  • Howling Coyote
  • Carp
  • Red Fox
  • Elite Javelina
  • Wild Boar
  • NL Wild Boar
  • Porcupine
  • Raccoon
  • Woodchuck
  • Corsican Sheep
  • Walking Turkey
  • Full Strut Turkey
  • NL Gobbling Turkey

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