Abbey Brisbane store conducts Christmas promotion draw


Abbey Brisbane store conducts Christmas promotion draw

Dec 07: It was an early rise for all staff when Abbey conducted its Christmas promotion draw at its Brisbane store on Saturday 15th December 2007. This promotion, with over $2200 in prizes, has become an annual event, this being our 3rd Christmas draw since our store opening in July 2005 and takes place during October, November and December, Business was brisk from early morning and there are plenty of balloons leftculminating in the draw on the Saturday, about a week before Christmas. (If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox as your browser, hover your cursor over each image to read the photo captions) Free sausage sizzle - do you want a sausage?

Tony, Diane and Louise from Abbey in Castle Hill, flew up from Sydney for the draw, leaving home at 4.30 am and were most impressed with the store decorations and all the balloons sitting on the ceiling! The store packed with customers, checking out the latest gearAbbey staff certainly got into the party mood by giving away helium filled balloons and candy canes to the children present. This is how I grip my bowThere was a free sausage sizzle and the great smell of freshly cooked snags and onions wafted into the store.

Not long to go before the draw - the customers gather

Our Brisbane staff would have been unable to have conducted the draw without the valuable assistance of Nearly ready to start the draw, more people gather - fingers crossedour Hooter Shooters Team Abbey Archery members, with 8 of our team attending - John, Aaron, Kev, Shayna, Scott, Todd, Liz and Brian. They helped serve customers, assist with customer enquiries, questions or archery advice as well as help cook the sausage sizzle. 1st prizewinner, Martin - I can hardly believe I have won all thisIn fact Scott was fantastic in the sizzle area, 2nd prizewinner, Sean - Wow, this is greatmaking sure there were just enough snags and onions cooked to cater for the continuing demand.

The draw takes place at 11 am and as the time drew near, the throng swelled and it is no exaggeration that in previous years, there has been around 100 people present for the draws. 3rd prizewinner, Ray - I am very happyNumbers attending this year's draw were slightly down at 82, although the entries in the draw were up by more than 100. 4th prizewinner, M Wren - Fantastic, just what I need

The excitement was building and as 11 am ticked over, formalities were dealt with and the draw commenced. 5th prizewinner, Keith - Perfect and just in time for ChristmasFirst prize, a Jennings CK3.4R compound bow with all accessories included as a ready to shoot package was won by Martin Spencer. When it came to the 2nd prize, it was not claimed and had to be drawn again after the requisite time had elapsed. Hooter Shooters and StaffEveryone seemed to enjoy the draw and joined in the banter as some of those not present were known and fellow club members commented that they would make it their business to let the absentees know the prizes they had missed out on.

The winners were pretty excited with two lucky enough to respectively win 3 and 2 prizes. However we think the most excited was the customer who won the 11th prize - Jeanette's choice - our newest product arrival "A Baby Doll Set" a camo lingerie set! The prize draw is a good way for us to say a big thank you to all our customers and there were also a few specials on the day which saw some very happy customers walk away with a bargain and some extra stocking fillers in time for Christmas. By the time 1 pm came it was time to clean up, but it seemed everyone had a good time. We wish to thank all who participated in the promotion and congratulate all of our prizwinners.

Full list of prizewinners

  • 1st Jennings CK3.4R Compound Bow ready to shoot package.-Martin Spencer
  • 2nd $500 Gift Voucher.-Sean Blue
  • 3rd $250 Gift Voucher.-Ray Acheson
  • 4th DoskoSport Compound Hard Bow Case.-M Wren
  • 5th Vista Side Quiver.-Keith Gough
  • 6th DoskoSport Arrow Case.-Rob Scully
  • 7th 6 Easton Carbon Arrows.-Ray Acheson
  • 8th Golden Key Tuning Kit.-Andrew Sherwood
  • 9th $25 Gift Voucher.-Ray Acheson
  • 10th Sportsman Multi Tool.-Andrew Wemmerslager
  • 11th Short Baby Doll Set.-M Wren

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