X10 Arrows sweep Beijing Medals


X10 Arrows sweep Beijing Medals
by AbbeyArchery.com.au

Aug 08: Accurate Easton X10 arrows deliver winning performance with an amazing 24 out of 24 archers taking Gold, Silver and Bronze medals with an X10. Team competitors left it all on the range with Easton arrows as the only common factor. The South Korean mens team of Im Dong-Hyun, Lee Chang-Hwan and Park Kyung-Mo triumphed over the Italian team of Marco Galiazzo, Ilario di Buo' and Mauro Nespoli with Lee setting a new Olympic 12 arrow record of 117 out 120 with X10s. China's Xue Hai Feng, Li Wenquan and Jiang Lin won the bronze. The South Korean womens team of Park Sung-Hyun, Yun Ok-Hee, Joo Hyun-Jung took gold with incredibly consistent shooting in an all matches. The silver went to China's Zhang Juan Juan, Chen Ling, Guo Dan and the bronze to France's Virginie Arnold, Sophie Dodemont, Berengere Schuh. The Archery venues were filled with excitement and anticipation as each elimination match invariably came down to the last few arrows.

Individual competition picked up fast after the first few elimination rounds. Down to the very last arrow, Zhang Juan Juan sealed Gold over Park Sung-Hyun by only one point, breaking South Korea's 24 year dominance in the women's individual class. Bronze was awarded to Yun Ok-Hee after a battle with North Korea's Kwon Un Sil.

After winning a two-arrow shoot-off in the semi-finals, Viktor Ruban of Ukraine fought against Park Kyung-Mo for a one point win for gold. Bair BADENOV of Russia wrapped up the bronze by edging out Juan Rene Serrano of Mexico.

Not only was every medal won with Easton X10, but X10 is the dominating choice of an incredible 99.2% of all athletes qualifying for the Olympic Games with 123 out of 124 athletes opting for the X10 barrelled design for that extra edge needed to win. Of the 128 competitors at the 2004 Athens Olympics, 127 chose Easton arrows with 107 of them shooting X10's.

Easton has always delivered world-class equipment for those whose passion for archery carries them to win at the highest level of competition. In addition, the Easton contingency programme awarded $168,000 to the medallists in Beijing as well as a 2-year pro staff contract. With $400,000 in total, 2008 contingency athletes are rewarded with more than higher scores by shooting accurate Easton arrows.

Easton has long been the choice of world-class archers and recognised as the most successful arrow in competitive archery. Advanced engineering gives each archer the very best arrows to compliment their skill and training and Easton's advanced barrelled design has won every Olympic medal since the X10 was introduced in 1996. Olympic teams and athletes choose Easton X10 to take their years of preparation to the target. Since the induction of archery as an Olympic sport in 1972, Easton archers have taken home 152 of the 168 Olympic medals awarded.

If you get the opportunity to view the archery events again, the world's electronic media has become quite fascinated at the punishment an arrow is put under from the moment it is released and there are some very interesting ultra slow motion shots of X10s on their way to the target. It gives an insight into arrow flight and backyard shooters and Saturday afternoon club archers can appreciate why the X10 arrows are so good.

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