Bowhunting Seminars by Dave Holt


Bowhunting Seminars by Dave Holt

April 10: Abbey Archery is pleased to announce the highly experienced bowhunter, Dave Holt will present two very interesting seminars at our Brisbane and Sydney stores. These seminars will take place at our Brisbane Pro Shop on Tuesday night, 13th April 2010 and at our Sydney Pro Shop on Wednesday night, 14th April 2010, with both seminars starting at 6.00pm. Dave presented some very interesting seminars at the 2010 Australian Bowhunters Association National Safari recently held at Charleville, central Queensland some 744 kms or 462 miles west of Brisbane, between 2nd and 5th April 2010.

Dave Holt shares his enthusiasm and expertise for bowhunting and arranging your trip, archery equipment to take, trophy judging, shot placement, common shooting mistakes, shooting distances and clothing. Dave has been hunting in South Africa a long time and has been travelling from his home in Colorado, USA to South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe since 1975 and for the last 20 years, has spent 4 to 5 months there each year. In the seminar, he also covers the best time of year to bowhunt in South Africa, travel arrangements, packing suggestions and health and safety concerns, etc.

While in South Africa, Dave presents bowhunting and bow shooting seminars and consults for safari facilities wishing to start or improve their bowhunting venues and also books African bowhunting safaris. Dave still arranges South African bowhunts for friends and these adventures give him plenty of opportunities to test new hunting methods and check his laboratory research under hunting conditions. The successes of those who have learned from him are testimony to his understanding of the sport.

As well as presenting seminars, Dave Holt is involved in archery product design, coaching and testing equipment. To top it off, Holt is one of the world's most respected technical archery writers, having been the former Technical Editor for the well known US Bowhunter magazine.

Dave believes that a solid understanding of bowhunting equipment is a huge advantage in the field. He has a tremendous desire to assist and educate other bowhunters, believing that education is the key to the preservation of bowhunting. Well known and respected archery expert, Norb Mullaney has proclaimed Dave's latest book, Balanced Bowhunting II, "...the most authoritative archery book ever written..."

At seminars, Dave's 50 years of experience quickly becomes apparent to attendees as he shares his secrets and techniques that consistently bring him success. The usual consensus is that Dave's proven methods and unique approach will definitely increase their odds for bowhunting success. Holt also gives exciting insights into US hunting of the elusive whitetail to the trophy bull elk. Dave will discuss calling techniques, reading signs, bowhunting equipment, shot placement, shooting from tree stands and blinds, camping, special products that work and the importance of mentoring bowhunters of all ages.

Dave Holt comes highly recommended from arguably the doyen of expert archery writers, Norb Mullaney and Bob Link, Abbey Archery's great friend from Trueflight Manufacturing who has supplied us with the best feathers in the world for more years than we care to remember.

Dave will present a new must-see seminar for bowhunters and shooters of all skill levels, from beginner to expert. Dave is an advanced certified archery coach with over 50 years of competitive archery, bowhunting and testing experience. The seminar covers the basics and many secrets you never hear from the pros. Dave covers bow fit, shooting form, bow tuning, peep sights, broadhead accuracy, release styles, arrow velocity, aiming, the mental game and much more. He will give an easy to understand talk on the inner workings of modern bowhunting equipment. Touching on the confusing and controversial aspects of bowhunting equipment, including bow power, the down range decay of arrow velocity, kinetic energy, bow tuning, broadhead penetration, arrow balance, improving accuracy and a discussion on why we miss plus many bowhunting tips.

These seminars give tips and information on the equipment we use - from learning invaluable bowhunting tips to tuning bows, to improving shooting and bowhunting skills and bow knowledge.

After each seminar, Dave will be available to answer attendees' questions. The seminar costs just $35.00. At the conclusion of the seminar, Dave will have his book and DVD on hand for purchase and will be pleased to autograph copies for you, a brilliant memento of the event for you to keep.

Places are limited, so book your seat now at these not-to-be-missed events. For bookings, please call Abbey Archery's Brisbane Pro Shop on 07 3279 6400 or email for the Tuesday night 13th April 2010 seminar starting at 6.00pm or our Sydney Pro Shop on 02 8850 6400 or email for the Wednesday night 14th April 2010 seminar starting at 6.00pm.

We hope to see you at one of our seminars. You will have a great evening and learn a lot from this truly respected US bowhunter.

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