2010 IFAA World Field Archery Championships, Dahn, Germany


2010 IFAA World Field Archery Championships, Dahn, Germany
by AbbeyArchery.com.au

Report by Jeanette Dowd, Abbey's Brisbane Store Manager.

4 members of the Abbey Archery shooting team (Jeanette and Kev Dowd, Jeff Bell and Mark Burrows) attended the 2010 IFAA World Field Archery Championships held in Dahn, Germany in August 2010. Dahn is about 180 kms (111 miles) south-east of Frankfurt, about 155 kms (96 miles) north-east of Stuttgart and about 385 kms (239 miles) north-east of Munich.

Abbey Archery shooting team (L to R, Kev and Jeanette Dowd, Jeff Bell and Mark Burrows)

The competition was held over 5 days, with the courses being very steep - the most physically demanding ever encountered with some courses taking between 9½ to 10 hours to complete. You would have to walk 300 to 500 metres between targets on some ranges and when you coupled that with the steep terrain between every target and on some occasions you had the aid of ropes to pull yourself up in a few spots. It was an endurance test for most competitors. The courses were set with magnificent back drops and spectacular scenery of huge rock formations, forests, castles and some targets were shot while you had a beautiful view overlooking the town of Dahn. One range was set around a castle where you had a few shots from the castle walls.

Archery Range set around a castle, with some shots made from the castle walls

We had never shot steep angles like this before. Mark said "this was the toughest, steepest, hardest, longest walked course I have ever shot. Some incredibly steep shots, with some definitely pushing 40 degrees and it felt like you were going to fall backwards."

In IFAA, as it is a marked distance course, you are allowed to use a rangefinder, with most of the shots being 45 degrees up or down hill; the rangefinder did come in handy. For a few of the shoots at 65 yards, I ranged the target with the rangefinder and because of the angles I shot them at 57 or 58 yards.

The small town of Dahn with a population of 4500 certainly got behind the competition and made everyone feel really special to be there. The march through the streets was lined from one end to the other, with everyone clapping and cheering. Over 700 competitors travelled from all over the world to compete. 3 of the 6 ranges were open to spectators which the town and the local villagers took advantage of and on some days there were 20 to 30 people watching and cheering you on as you shot at every target. I personally found that very nerve racking as I have never been in a situation shooting in front of spectators before.

The 53 Australians who attended the competition all bonded really well and enjoyed themselves while there.

The Australian Team at the 2010 IFAA World Field Archery Championships in Dahn, Germany.

The Australian team took out the Champion of Nations title, making history by winning the event for the very first time. The Team is made up of 7 members from 7 different divisions which were picked at the Australian National IFAA shoot in June 2010. Mark Burrows, an Abbey Archery Team member was picked in the Longbow Division.

Shooting in a world event in an overseas country was a real learning curve for everyone. With the new friendships we made and the memories we now have will live on for years to come.

The next WFAC is in Argentina in 2012 and I'm sure you may find a few Abbey Archery Team members there.

Jeanette shoots a:

  • Hoyt AlphaMax 32 54lbs with a 26½" draw
  • Hoyt Tec prong arrow rest
  • Spot Hogg Hogg-It sight
  • Doinker 11.5" Carbon Elite Graphite Stabiliser
  • TRU Ball Sweet Spot II Ultra 3 finger release aid
  • Easton ACC-28 /500 Arrows with Vista arrow wraps and AAE Elite plastifletch vanes
  • Specialty Archery Ball Peep with a 1/8" Peep Aperture
  • Hoyt Hip Quiver

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